The best Turkish TV drama series

TV drama series, commonly known as telenovelas, have nowadays a clear country of reference: Turkey. Turkish soap operas, thanks to the internationalization of their productions, have made half the world cry and get excited.

We have compiled the best dramatic TV series and the most acclaimed by viewers. We show you our recommendations below.

Turkish dramas, telenovelas with which you can’t help but cry with emotion

Throughout the history of television, one of the genres that has worked best to capture the audience are soap operas or dramas. With them, through tragic stories and unexpected dramatic twists and turns, they move the audience. Their stories usually contain characters who are victims of various injustices and who connect with them through the sensitivity of their experiences.

The Turkish audiovisual industry has exploited very well the melodramatic series and, as you have been able to see, they have a wide catalog. They emphasize soap operas like, A Woman Scorned (Sadakatsiz), Fatmagül, Woman (Kadin), etc.

So if you like this TV genre, don’t miss the episodes of these magnificent series.

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Recommended Turkish TV series

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