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Turkish TV series usually feature romantic dramas, which have become the main face of this industry. But when a soap opera combines romance with action, you should definitely keep an eye on it. And that is precisely what the series ” Nobody Knows” proposes, in its original language as “Kimse bilmez“.

This Turkish drama presents us with a story a little out of the conventional, which will hook you from beginning to end. On this occasion, we will present to you with everything you should know about this telenovela. Stay to read and discover all the details.

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Plot of Turkish series Nobody knows

The story of this Turkish TV series centers on Sevda, who is a beautiful young woman with a dream of becoming a supermodel, but her family is in a precarious economic situation. In addition, her father does not find such a job honorable.

Both Sevda and her brother Sinam are constantly thinking about how to help their family get ahead, but this determination will put them both in difficult situations.

On the other hand, Koksal, Sevda’s father, due to the economic pressures that have him up to his neck, accepts the help offered by a man named Uygar, who, in exchange for paying off the family debts, wants Sevda as his wife. However, the young woman resists because she does not feel love for him, and also because she wants to pursue her dreams.

On the other side of the story is Ali, a man who has turned to religion in order to try to improve his life, which is marked by a murky past that still haunts him. He and Sevda will unexpectedly meet when both find themselves in a rather complicated situation.

On the other hand, Sevda seeks the good for her brother who has gotten into trouble, and that is when Ali will not hesitate to help the young woman. In this way, a relationship will develop between the two as their feelings awaken.

Seasons and episodes of this telenovela

The series currently has only one season, which has 27 episodes. It was broadcast by ATV channel from June 11 until December 29, 2019. And as for the possibility of it premiering a new season, there is still nothing ruled out.

Cast of Kimse Bilmez

The series was directed by Hakan Eren. And as for its cast, the cast is made up as follows:

  • Keremcem as Ali Hüroglu.
  • Özgü Kaya as Sevda Egilmez
  • Burak Serdar as Pilot/ Süleyman
  • Zeynep Elcin as Duygu Selvin
  • Ferdi Kurtuldu as Hüdaverdi
  • Selda Özbek as Meral Selvin

Where to watch this telenovela in English

The series has not had much diffusion, its reach has not been as many of its counterparts. Kimse bilmez It was broadcast by ATV channel in 2019. Currently, it is no longer broadcasted on that channel.

However, there are other platforms where you can watch the full episodes online. Both in its original language and in English. As usual, we always recommend watching it from official sites.

The following is an example:

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