The best Turkish romantic comedy series to watch

Turkish series and soap operas have left us with a large number of high quality romantic comedies. Many of them have broken audience records in international channels around the world. Many of them are Spanish and English speaking. They are broadcasted in more than 146 countries! It is very fortunate to have these series translated into English.

We have compiled the best TV series of the romantic comedy genre and the best rated by viewers. We show you our recommendations below.

Turkish romantic comedies, love series that will conquer you with laughter

If you are tired of dramatic series, but you like the romantic genre, what better way to enjoy it with a good laugh. Besides, they are perfect TV series to watch with the whole family.

They are series full of joy, zest for life, uncomplicated romanticism and unforgettable declarations of love. Worldly series. That is why we can perfectly put ourselves in the skin of their characters and feel their experiences as our own. If we add to all of this, the love stories are very funny situations that will make us enjoy love from the most cheerful perspective.

The Turkish comic-romantic series that have been most successful internationally are Love is in the air (You knocked on my door), Erkenci kus, (Dreamy bird), Ada Masalı (Island Tale), etc. For this reason, we recommend that if you have seen their episodes, you should take them into account.

Recommended Turkish TV series

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