Forbidden Love (Aşk-ı Memnu)

Cover of Turkish Drama Forbidden Love

Turkish TV series have been the talk of the town for the good run of high-quality soap operas they have provided in the last decade. In fact, the reviews of Turkish TV productions are getting better and better thanks to the talent and creative ability of its film studios.

One of the most famous and successful series in Turkey is “Aşk-ı Memnu“, whose name in English is “Forbidden Love“.

This TV drama caught the viewers by the good development of its plot and is considered the precursor of all Turkish soap operas that came later.

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Plot of the Turkish series Forbidden Love

This complex and gripping story centers on Bihter, a young and beautiful woman who lives with her greedy mother named Firdevs/Fatma Yöreoglu, whom Bihter hates for causing her father’s death.

Bihter frequently visits the cemetery, and it is there that she meets a millionaire widower named Adnan Ziyagil, who begins to show interest in her and who makes her a marriage proposal.

However, Fatma tries to conquer Adnan for her own benefit and self-interest. However, Bihter will make sure that his mother does not get her way and will accept Adnan’s marriage proposal so that his mother will not achieve her goal.

From then on everything seems to go well, until Behlül, Adnan’s nephew whom he loves like a son, falls in love with Bihter. He is an immature womanizer with no ambitions, but he will fall madly in love with his uncle’s wife.

Bihter has no interest in him, but Behlül cannot hide his feelings and confesses his love to her by kissing her forcibly. After his insistence, the girl will begin to feel attracted to him, thus beginning a forbidden love.

Seasons and episodes

The story of “Forbidden Love” unfolds in 2 seasons composed of 79 episodes in total. The series aired from September 4, 2008 to June 24, 2010. The episodes and seasons are divided as follows:

  • Season 1: 38 episodes.
  • Season 2: 41 episodes.


  • Beren Saat as Bihter Yöreoğlu
  • Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Behlül Haznedar
  • Hazal Kaya as Nihal Ziyagil
  • Batuhan Karacakaya as Bülent Ziyagil
  • Nebahat Çehre as Fatma Yöreoğlu
  • Selçuk Yöntem as Adnan Ziyagil
  • Eda Özerkan as Elif

TV Adaptations of the “Forbidden Love” series.

Aşk-ı Memnu; Forbidden Love” was a success in all aspects, both financially and critically, winning a multitude of prizes and awards. Reasons that prompted other studios to develop adaptations of the series.

One of the adaptations made of “Aşk-ı Memnu” or “Amor prohibido” came from Telemundo in 2013. After acquiring the rights got down to work and developed a telenovela under the name “Pasión prohibida“, starring Monica Spear and Jeancarlos Canela.

On the other hand, another adaptation was released in Romania in 2018 called “Fructul oprit “, broadcasted by the network of the same country, Antena 1.

Where to watch online this series in English

The official broadcasting channel of the series Meryem is Kanal D. In addition, you can watch the series and all the full episodes in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below. Of course, the quality of the series may be far from the best, after all, it is always better to opt for original products.

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