Aşk ve Gurur

Cover of the Turkish TV series Aşk ve Gurur

The Turkish series Ask ve Gurur, is one of the latest bets of the Turkish television industry. It is a romantic drama that preserves the essence of the best Turkish dramas.

On this occasion we will tell you everything you need to know about this Turkish TV series, what it is about, how its cast is made up, how many episodes it has and which channels have the broadcasting rights.

Plot of the Turkish TV series Ask ve Gurur

The Turkish drama presents a choral story, where we are told the vicissitudes of various characters. The series places us with the Köksoylars, an upper-class family.

Fikret, the head of the family, and Beysa, his wife, live in a sumptuous mansion with their three daughters: Mercan, Gül and Deren.

However, Beysa has organized a big dinner in order to dazzle Tolga, the heir to a large fortune and get him to marry Mercan to consolidate the family wealth. However, that night, Fikret confesses to her that they are bankrupt, so the marriage between the children of both families becomes a necessity.

Mercan and Tolga are like night and day; while he is a casanova accustomed to the life of luxury who lives without responsibilities because his sister is the one who manages the business, she is the most beautiful woman in the region, but also the most difficult, she is an educated woman with her own opinion and leadership.

Although they are both attracted to each other, Mercan rejects the idea of marrying someone by imposition. In the face of her refusal, Gül expresses his desire to marry Tolga.

Thus unfolds the story of this TV show with a choral cast, where we not only see the development of the characters that make up both families, but we also see the life of the service personnel who, like the others, have their own problems.

Season and episodes

So far, the soap opera has released only one episode. And, as we always say on this website, the length of the telenovela will depend on how much success it achieves in terms of ratings.

So far, we can say that the telenovela As ve Gurur has not had a great reception, we hope that, with time, this telenovela can reach more people.


Murat Senöy is the director of the series. As for the cast, it is made up as follows:

  • Deniz Çatalbaş
  • Batuhan Demir
  • Ceylan Batı
  • Ali Pinar
  • Betül Şahin
  • Lara Aksüt

Where to watch the series Ask ve Gurur

Inter Medya is the distributor of the Turkish series Ask ve Gurur, which, in addition to its official broadcasting media, you can also watch online. If you don’t know how to search, take a look at the simple alternative below:


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