The best Turkish romance series to watch

Turkish love and romance series have conquered the television channels of many countries. In recent years, they have established themselves as a worldwide reference in terms of romantic series.

We have compiled the best romantic love TV series and soap operas and the most acclaimed by viewers. We show you our recommendations to watch below.

Top Turkish romance series and shows

Turkish dramas, the best love and romance on TV

The television and film industry has been excellent in its treatment of love and romance in its shows. The truth is that the romance genre works very, very well. It certainly keeps viewers hooked to their screens. This type of series usually use different approaches, whether dramatic or comic. In any case, love and romance is the central axis of their stories.

Turkey has not been an exception, since with this type of series it has internationalized many of its love novels. It has been able to take advantage of the romantic genre to create magnificent soap operas such as Love is in the air, Yargi (Trial), Bitter Lands, Dolunay (Full Moon), and many, many others.

Recommended Turkish TV series

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