One Litre of Tears (Bir Litre Gözyaşı)

Cover of Turkish drama One Litre of Tears

There are so many Turkish dramas that many times there are series that go unnoticed despite their quality. However, one of the objectives of this website is to bring you all the Turkish series, whether they are known or unknown.

And by virtue of the above, is that on this occasion we are going to present to you the soap opera “One Litre of Tears”, known in its original language as “Bir Litre Gözyaşışı”. Stay to read everything you need to know about this series.

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Plot of the Turkish series One Litre of Tears (Bir Litre Gözyaşı).

One Litre of Tears, also known as “The Strength of Love”, is an adaptation of the Japanese series 1 Litre of Tears.

The telenovela presents a story revolving around Cihan, a student girl of only 18 years old who from one moment to another starts having health problems. What makes her go to the doctor so that soon she is diagnosed with an incurable terminal disease.

The disease will deteriorate her health to such an extent that she will not be able to walk, talk or eat on her own. However, with the unconditional support of her mother, the young woman will show the desire and determination to cling to life.

Thus, this telenovela, which is based on a true story, shows the emotion of young love, the sadness generated by the awareness of mortality and the power of love, which can only be found in the bosom of the family.

Seasons and episodes of this Turkish drama

It was broadcast from October 7, 2018, to February 3, 2019, with only 15 episodes and a single season. It is worth mentioning that the story was left unfinished.

Turkish telenovelas are always in constant approval, chapter by chapter, so even though a series has a good rating at the beginning of the series, it does not mean that it cannot be canceled in the future.

What happened with “One Litre of Tears” was that the premise announced the imminent death of the main character, and this did not go down well with the audience. In response to this, the producers changed some things in the script, however, it was not enough and the series ended up failing anyway.


The drama was directed by Serhan Şahin, and the top cast is arranged as follows:

  • Miray Daner as Cihan Yürekli.
  • Mert Yazıcıoğlu as Mahir Yetkin / Kerem Güney
  • Sanem Çelik asFigen Yürekli
  • Tolga Tekin as Muzaffer Yürekli
  • Polat Bilgin as Onur Bayram
  • Erdal Bilingen as Cüneyt Yetkin
  • Goncagül Sunar as Suna

Where to watch online this series in English

The official broadcasting channel of this drama is Kanal D. In addition, you can watch the series and all the full episodes in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below. Of course, the quality of the series may be far from the best, after all, it is always better to opt for original products.

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