Let Life Come As It Knows (Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi)

Cover of the TV drama Let Life Come As It Knows

“Let Life Come As It Knows” is one of the latest Turkish telenovelas to be produced, one of the series that attracted the most attention of all those that premiered in the summer season. In principle, because of the premise it offers.

It is a “school series” that does not talk about the conflict between rich and poor, or bullying or anything like that. It is focused on a different point.

If you want to know what this novel is about, which are its protagonists, the seasons and episodes it has and where you can watch it, then we invite you to stay and read because here we will dispense you all the information.

Plot of the series Let Life Come As It Knows

The series does not occupy tell the story of Sadi Payaslı, a geography teacher, but, not a normal teacher, he is considered a different teacher both for his past and for his way of teaching and transmitting knowledge to young people.

This teacher will have to give a second chance to a group of teenagers of generation Z, composed of three boys and two girls who have various problems, young people who come from a juvenile detention center.

Sadi has a dark past, but at one point decided to restart his life and start anew. Now that she has acquired an unwavering sense of justice, she will help this group of young people start their lives from scratch.

On the other hand, Sadi’s life will be shaken up when she is reunited with Deyra, an old flame who has come to teach at the same high school.

Seasons and episodes

The series Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi has so far 9 episodes and only one season currently airing.

It is not yet known for sure how many episodes this first season will have, let alone whether or not there will be a second season, as the latter always depends on the ratings of the soap opera during its broadcast. As fans, we hope that the story will continue and will not be interrupted as it has happened many times with other Turkish series.

Cast of this soap opera

The telenovela is directed by Altan Dönmez, the script was written by Gani Müjde and it stars both new and veteran actors. Perhaps the one who stands out the most is Ertan Saban, in the role of Professor Sadi Payaslı.

  • Ertan Saban as Sadi Payaslı
  • Özge Özberk as Deyra
  • Özgü Delikanlı as Mert
  • Onur Özer as Zülfikar
  • Sanem Babi as Aylin
  • Rojbin Erden as Melek

Where to watch the series Let Life Come As It Knows

The official broadcast channel for the series Let Life Come As It Knows (Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi) is Show TV. However, you can also watch the series online on the various websites and platforms available on the internet. Take a look at the following link:


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