Seversin (You love)

Cover of Turkish Series Seversin

TV dramas and romance stories are already, so to speak, the hallmark of Turkish series and telenovelas, which have focused their productions on this theme. However, the fact that there are many telenovelas of this type does not mean that one cannot emerge that, despite not straying from the conventional, manages to endow the plot with a style of its own.

Such is the case of the Turkish series Seversin, also known in English as “You Love”, which has been one of the most anticipated series of the first half of 2022. Here is everything you need to know about this telenovela that is part of the new generation of Turkish soap operas.

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Plot of the series Seversin

Seversin promises to become one of viewers’ new favorite romantic comedies.

In question, the plot of this series revolves around Tolga, a young and successful actor who, despite being at the top of his career, is not feeling too happy. On the other side of the story is a girl named Asya, who works in a shopping mall as a dispatcher and whose dream is to be able to study at university.

In this way, the paths of the young people will meet so that, despite their notable differences, they can establish an affectionate bond.

Seasons and episodes of this telenovela

The premiere date of the Seversin series is June 2022. So, so far there is no information about how many episodes and seasons the telenovela will have. Although, since the series is said to belong to the new generation of Turkish series, then it is likely that its length could be no more than 12 episodes, following the trend of other novels in the industry.

What is known for sure is that the series has a premiere date: June 6, 2022 at 8:00 pm on Kanal D.

Cast of “You love”

The screenwriters of the series are Barış Erdoğan and İlker Arslan. As for the cast of the series, it consists of the following actors and actresses.

  • İlayda Alişan as Asya.
  • Burak Yörük as Tolga
  • Nergis Kumbasar
  • Zeynep Kankonde
  • Ceren Taşçı,
  • Ozan Dağgez,
  • İlkin Tüfekçi

Curiosities of this Turkish novel

As a curious fact it is worth mentioning that the music is given by the hand of the musical artist Aslı Demirer, known (among other projects) for her work in the soap opera “Games of Destiny”.

Where to watch in English

Kanal D will be the official broadcasting medium for this series. Through this channel it will be possible to watch all the complete chapters of the series in the best quality. So far, no other channel has acquired the rights to broadcast it. Everything will depend on the success of the novela.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the chapters of the series can also be viewed in English on many Internet sites. However, the quality of these services is far from the best. In this website, we always advocate for the correct and legal use of entertainment media.

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