Hear me (Duy Beni)

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Duy Beni is one of the latest Turkish TV series to be produced. Premiering in July 2022, the series “Hear Me” presents a premise that is so appealing and will leave you wanting to see more.

This time we present you everything you need to know about the Turkish drama Hear Me (Duy Beni), from its synopsis, to the channels where you can watch it, as well as the actors and actresses who star in it.

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The story of the telenovela Hear me places us with Ekim and her friends. Ekim is a girl who attends school and one day, when she is with Leyla, her friend, an inexplicable event occurs: a car runs over Leyla, leaving her in a coma and then flees into a private high class college, where she disappears.

The event alarms the entire local community, who demand justice. However, all search efforts are unsuccessful.

On the other hand, the faculty, in response to the social unrest that has been generated, and seeking to appease the community, offers three scholarships to the most outstanding students in the neighborhood.

Those who get the scholarship are Ekim, Bekir and Ayse, who despite getting into the prestigious faculty, will not give up and will continue searching for the person responsible for the crime. Ekim is fully convinced that the person responsible for the accident is a student of the university.

However, entering the university will not be easy, adapting to the new environment will be complex for the girls, since they will be treated as strangers, so they will have to learn the rules and traditions imposed by the local students.

At the same time, a new professor will join the faculty, a man with values and integrity, who will soon realize that there is something strange in the university, it seems that the students keep secrets.

Seasons and episodes of this Turkish drama

This telenovela began airing on July 7, 2022. It is still in production and has 8 episodes and a single season. Although, it is necessary to mention that, always, the continuity of a telenovela depends on its audience success. So, let’s hope that the rating meets the minimum required for the series to continue.


The series is directed by Ali Balci. The script was written by Makbule Kosif. As for the top cast, it is organized as follows:

  • Berk Hakman as Selim Bender.
  • Ege Kökenli as Bahar Aydın
  • Rabia Soytürk as Ekim Güleryüz
  • Çaner Topçu as Kanat Günay
  • Burak Can as Aziz Günay
  • Sümeyye Aydoğan as Melisa Gerçek
  • Helin Kandemir as Leyla

Where to watch the series Hear me (Duy Beni)

The official broadcast channel for the series Hear me (Duy Beni) is Star TV. However, you can also watch the series online on the various websites and platforms available on the internet. Take a look at the following link:

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