The Bad Penny (Üc kurus)

Cover of Turkish Series The Bad Penny

Mafia series has always been attractive, in principle, because they usually combine several genres, including mystery and romance, which, if done well, can captivate the audience completely.

This time we present you the Turkish soap opera “The Bad Penny”, also known as “Three Cents” or in its original language as “Üc kurus”. Without further ado, we invite you to stay and read everything you should know about this series.

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Plot of the Turkish series The Bad Penny

The story of the Turkish TV series The Bad Penny begins in an intense and intriguing way. The plot starts rolling with the mystery of a murder, which seems to be perpetrated by a serial killer named Irfan. What is known so far is that, with each crime committed, Irfan leaves three coins next to the body of his victim.

From here, the events are set in a neighborhood led by a man named Kartal, who is of Roma origin and owner of a clandestine casino located in the same neighborhood.

This man, Kartal, lives with his aunt, Neriman, and his siblings, Sahin and Leyla. The neighbors and inhabitants of the neighborhood will have a place and a leading role in the events that will unfold, which will revolve around the resolution of the murder.

Irfan and Kartal seem to be related in some way or another, and this makes Kartal a suspect in covering up the murder, which may put him in the crosshairs of the police. On the other hand, the third protagonist of the story will be Efe, the police commissioner in charge of solving the case.

Seasons and episodes

This series is still on air, which means that the exact seasons and episodes are still unknown. So far, it has 26 episodes broadcasted in a single season. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that each episode has a duration of 120 minutes.


The series was directed by Sinan Oztur, already known for directing the Turkish series Çukur. As for the top cast, it is composed as follows:

  • Uras Kaygilaroglu as Kartal
  • Diren Polatogullari as Irfan
  • Ekin Koç as Efe
  • Nesrin Cavadzade as Bahar
  • Nursel Köse as Neriman

Where to watch online this series in English

The official broadcasting channel of this drama is Show TV. In addition, you can watch the series and all the full episodes in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below. Of course, the quality of the series may be far from the best, after all, it is always better to opt for original products.

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