Naked (Çiplak)

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Naked is a Turkish mini-series that by the name alone may attract more than one rogue. But, don’t be fooled by its title, this series is not what you imagine it to be, but rather, it is shaping up to be an excellent romantic drama.

Here we will explain everything you need to know about the series Desnuda, known in its original language as Çiplak. We’ll tell you about its plot, the actors involved and the channels where you can watch it.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the Turkish Series Naked (Çiplak)

The story of this Turkish soap opera revolves around Eylül, who is a young man living in Istanbul who sometimes has sex for money. She lives with her grandmother and has the goal of saving enough money to one day be able to leave her country to live in Wales.

The plot begins when the young woman goes to a bachelor party, without thinking that her life will take a 360-degree turn when she meets Cem.

Seasons and episodes

This mini-series, which premiered in 2020, has 16 episodes divided into 2 seasons. It is not known if another season will be released since this depends on the success of the already released ones. If the audience and the reception meet expectations, the producers may think of continuing to expand the story.

The first season has 8 episodes and premiered in 2020. Meanwhile, the second season also has 8 episodes and premiered on June 9, 2021.


One of the virtues of this series is that, despite not having big stars, it offers a repertoire of excellent performances.

Top Cast

  • Müge Bayramoğlu as Eylül
  • Feriha Eyüboğlu as Babaanne
  • Murat Kılıç as Baba
  • Taro Emir Tekin as Bulut
  • İpek Erdem as Hande
  • Selin Dumlugöl
  • Berçem Koç

Naked, an exceptional Turkish series

Çiplak is by any standards an atypical Turkish series. Most series produced in Turkey is governed by strict moral standards that restrain productions from presenting “sensitive material”. They even often censor kissing.

But “Naked” breaks with these conventional parameters by presenting an irreverent story of a young sex worker, her ups and downs and her dream of being able to go and live in Wales.

Undoubtedly, Desnuda is a series worth watching, especially if you are an avowed fan of Turkish novels.

You can find all the complete chapters in English on various online platforms such as the one we show you below.

Where to watch online this series in English

The official broadcasting channel of this drama is BluTV. In addition, you can watch the series and all the full episodes in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below. Of course, the quality of the series may be far from the best, after all, it is always better to opt for original products.

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