The Pit (Çukur)

Cover of the Tursih series The Pit (Çukur)

There are many Turkish TV series dealing with all kinds of genres. However, just like cinema, there may be a lot of productions, but cult works are few and far between. On this occasion, we will tell you about a series that has become a cult soap opera in Turkey. We are referring to The Pit, also known as The Well or Çukur in its original language.

Stay and read everything you need to know about the series The Pit, we will tell you what this soap opera is about, the seasons and chapters it has, its cast and the channels where you can watch it.

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Plot of the series The Pit (Çukur)

The story of this Turkish TV drama takes place in Cukur, a crime-ridden neighborhood in Istanbul. There, in that neighborhood, is the Kocovali family, which has control of the neighborhood. However, the family has its own rules, and one of those rules is that it is forbidden to sell drugs.

Therefore, drugs are neither produced nor traded in The Pit. However, the situation will become more complicated when a new criminal group emerges that is willing to break the law. This group will first try to reach an agreement with the Kocovali family, but when they fail to do so, they decide to attack the neighborhood.

Yamac, who is the youngest son of the family, lives far away, he has focused on life as he sees fit, without thinking about tomorrow. One night he meets Sena, and before long they fall in love and marry.

But misfortune strikes the family when the new gang murders Yamac’s older brother. That tragedy will change Yamac’s life, who from that moment on will have to take his brother’s place and become the leader of Cukur to face the war.

In this way, episode after episode, this Turkish series increases its dose of action and suspense, until it becomes a thriller.

Seasons and episodes of the Turkish drama Çukur

The soap opera has 4 seasons with 131 episodes in the original version, and 427 episodes in the international version. Each episode is between 130 and 140 minutes long.

In the original version, the episodes are distributed as follows:

  • Season 1: 33 episodes
  • Season 2: 34 episodes
  • Season 3: 26 episodes
  • Season 4: 35 episodes

Cast of this series

The director of the series is Sinan Öztürk. And in the cast, undoubtedly one of the most outstanding personalities is Aras Bulut, who stars in this story.

  • Aras Bulut as Yamaç Koçovalı
  • Dilan Çiçek Deniz as Sena Koçovalı
  • Ercan Kesal as Idris Kocovali
  • Perihan Savas as Sultan Koçovalı
  • Erkan Kolcak as Vartolu Sadettin
  • Necip Memili as Cumali Koçovalı

Where to watch in English the Turkish series The Pit

The official broadcasting medium of the series The Pit (Çukur) is the channel Show TV. Unfortunately, we have no news that this series is being broadcast in English on any television channel.

This series is also available on some online Internet platforms, where you can watch it in the English language. Here is an example:

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