Bozkir (The Steppe)

Cover of the turkisk serie  Bozkir

The Turkish series we have before us does not belong to the romance, comedy or drama genre. In this case it is a television production of the crime genre, like those that are almost never produced, but they hook you like few others.

This time we will tell you everything you need to know about the series The Steppe, titled in its original language as Bozkir. Here we will tell you what this Turkish series is about, its cast and the channels where you can watch it.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to watch complete episodes in English, please see the end of the article.

Plot of Turkish TV series Bozkir

The premise of this television novel is quite simple, and it revolves around the investigation of a murder.

The plot places us alongside Seyfi, an experienced police chief who, together with rookie cop Nuri Pamir, undertakes the investigation of a child murder that takes place in the city under his jurisdiction as far as security is concerned.

The case will lead the police pair to Mr. Abbas and Dilara, his daughter. Both are well-known people in their social circles.

This is how this intriguing story unfolds, in which the viewer gradually gathers information at the same pace as the protagonists, in the pure style of a Hollywood thriller.

Seasons and episodes

Bozkir is more of a miniseries than a series. It has only one season and 10 episodes. Each episode is approximately 60 minutes long.

Steppe premiered in 2018 and is already completed.


The detective series was directed by Bahadır İnce, director of Yolculuk and Kısmet. And as for its cast, the cast is structured as follows:

  • Yiğit Özşener as Seyfi Amir.
  • Ekin Koç as Nuri Pamir
  • Nur Fettahoğlu as Dilara
  • Altan Erkekli as Abbas
  • Bige Önal as Tülay
  • Merve Çağıran as Nihal

Evaluation of the series

Despite having a very particular plot, which departs from the conventional themes of Turkish series, the soap opera could not enjoy the desired acceptance by the Turkish audience. That is to say, it did not have the rating that many Turkish telenovelas have enjoyed.

However, in terms of ratings, the series was positively received. In the average rating, according to the platform, The Steppe reached a rating of 8/10.

Where to watch the series Bozkir in English

The producers of this series are ARC Film and BluTV, being also the latter the company that owns the rights to broadcast it. Therefore, only through Blu TV channel you can enjoy this complete series legally.

You can also find the full episodes of this series in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below.

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