The best Turkish comedy series to watch

Turkish series have arrived to medium-sized TV channels with great force. And they have not only left us with dramatic soap operas. On the contrary. We can find good productions of all genres. Even comedies. So to speak, telenovelas have paved the way, but there are many more series that are worthwhile.

So we have prepared a selection of the best TV series of the comedy genre and the best rated by viewers so you can have a good laugh and laughter. We show you our recommendations below.

Turkish comedies, series to burst out laughing

If you are tired of dramatic series and soap operas and you are looking for a series to entertain you while putting you in a good mood, there is no better option than a comedy series. Because life is hard enough on its own, right?

Nowadays the comedy genre is far from being based on stupid and senseless humor. Many TV productions use it by mixing it with stories of all kinds: romance, action, etc. This has given rise to magnificent Turkish series such as Love is in the air (You knocked on my door), Dreaming bird (Erkenci kus) or Mr. Wrong many others.

These are perfect series to watch and enjoy their episodes with the whole family, as they are usually suitable for all audiences. So now you know, choose the one you like the most, and don’t forget to leave us your opinion or recommendation in the comments.

See you next time!