Blood Flowers (Kan Çiçekleri)

Cover of the Turkish TV series Kan Çiçekleri

Blood Flowers, also known as Kan Çiçekleri, is a Turkish series that tells the story of a forced marriage, carried out with the sole purpose of achieving peace between two feuding families.

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Plot of the Turkish TV series Blood Flower

The protagonists of the story are Baran and Dilan, a couple who give up their own lives, trying, through a forced marriage, to end the feud between two rival families, which have sustained for years a conflict that has reached the point of bloodshed.

The goal is that the marriage between Baran and Dilan will serve to bring peace. However, between them will also ignite a powerful passion that will jeopardize not only their own destiny, but also that of everyone around them.

In Baran’s house both will have to defend their love within a family where there is a power struggle.

In addition, Dilan will risk her own life, going to the brink of death to gain some respect, trying to change the unjustified hatred towards her from her husband’s family.

Thus, the unfolding of the story raises several questions: Will this forced marriage be enough to finally end the enmity? Will Banan and Dilan, who have been enemies, be able to put what happened behind them and share their life together? Will this relationship, initiated out of interest, turn into love?

This is how the story of the novel unfolds, combining drama and romance to weave a plot that will leave no one indifferent.

Seasons and episodes

The Turkish drama Kan Cicekleri premiered in 2022 and has, so far, no less than 144 episodes aired in its first season alone. Each episode is on average 47 minutes long.

So far, it is not known whether or not it will premiere a second season, however, due to its ratings, it is very likely that the series will have a second season.


The TV Show Blood Flower is directed by Canan Çelik and Ömer Baykul, and written by a team of nine people.
As far as its cast is concerned, it is constituted as follows:

  • Barış Baktaş: as Baran Karabey.
  • Yağmur Yüksel: as Dilan Demir/Karabey
  • Berkay Çinar: as Ali
  • Selinay Taşol: as Zümrut Demir
  • Nalan Örgüt: as Azade Karabey
  • Erol Yavan: as Kudret Karabey
  • Hasan Balliktaş: as Seyit Demir

Where to watch the series Kan Çiçekleri

Kanal 7 is the official broadcasting media of soap opera, through its screen you will be able to watch all the episodes of the soap opera in English.

However, in case you do not have access to this channel, you can try to watch the telenovela online in some of the pages that offer this type of content. Here is an example:

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