Cover of the Turkish TV series Fedakar

The Turkish series Fedakar is a Turkish TV drama series that tells a story of murder and revenge in the purest style of Western series.

On this occasion we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the soap opera Fedakar: synopsis, cast, characters, seasons, episodes and channels where you can watch it in English.

Plot of the Turkish TV series Fedakar

The main characters of the story are Tarik and Elif. Tarik is the heir of a wealthy family, the owner of the company Karaca Holding. His life was peaceful and happy, however, it was cut short with the murder of his older sister, Yesim, at the hand of Sefer. Since then, taking revenge for his sister’s death becomes the main goal of Tarik’s life.

On the other side of the story is Elif, a girl whose life has been otherwise difficult. At an early age she lost her mother, so she had to be left in charge of her two younger brothers, Narin and Sefer.

However, some time later Narin would die. And, as if life hadn’t already hit her hard enough, she soon receives the news that Sefer murdered a girl: the daughter of the wealthy family that owns Karaca Holding.

The murder of Yesim and the accusation that falls on Sefer, hits Elif’s life, who sees how the only person she could lean on is a murderer. Sefer, for his part, goes on the run.

On the other hand, Tarik, who does not intend to stand idly by, kidnaps Elif as a way to capture Sefer. However, what neither of them expected is that love would be born between them. But with all that has happened, a romance between Elif and Tarik is an impossible love.

Thus, this telenovela unfolds, which is torn between drama and romance while weaving a story that will not leave anyone indifferent, let alone lovers of Turkish soap operas.

Season and episodes

The Turkish TV series Fedakar, premiered in 2023, has a single season that integrates 50 episodes. Each episode has a duration of 60 minutes.


The Turkish drama Fedakar was directed by Özgur Pak and Tener Tunç, while the script was written by Mehmet Uyar.

  • Berkay Veli: as Tarik
  • Aybuje yilmaz: as Elif
  • Ejder Özkarsligil: as Sefer
  • Hayal Garip: as yesim
  • Günes Ebrar Özgul: as Ayse
  • Yigit Eser: as Sevki
  • Ceren Yavuz: as Guzide

Where to watch the series Fedakar

The Turkish drama Fedakar is broadcasted on Kanal 7, where you can watch all the episodes of the series in English.

However, if you do not have the service of this channel, you can try to watch the TV show online; here is an alternative:

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