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Turkish TV series and soap operas have not failed to deliver titles that we enjoy with our souls. The Ottoman television industry has been at the top for more than a decade in terms of soap opera production.

And this time we present you the series Ramo, inspired by a real character and that the first season premiered in 2020. Although it is a television production that is not very well known in the media outside Turkey, it is a highly recommended series. Here we will talk about its plot, synopsis and the channels where you can watch this Turkish telenovela in English.

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Plot of the Turkish series Ramo

The plot of the TV series Ramo revolves around a family that has its own laws. This family is located in the Taskapi neighborhood, which is a poor and picturesque neighborhood located in the city of Adana, Turkey.

The family, which is actually a gang, is called Pompacilar, and its head is a man named Cengiz. On the other side is Ramo, a brave man who works for the said family smuggling diesel for Cengiz.

Everything seems to be going well in the neighborhood, however, a problem is about to explode. Ramo and his people are in charge of doing the dirty work and in return they receive money that is only enough to eat, while Cengiz keeps most of the money. Unable to even cover his family’s expenses, Ramo decides to put an end to the problem.

Ramo takes the intention to rebel against the mafia family, so he takes action and lights the fuse that will unleash the fire of rebellion against Cengiz, giving rise to war.

Despite all the difficulties, the plan seems to proceed successfully, until Boz, a friend of Ramo’s makes a mistake, which causes Ramo to face a difficult decision. Silbel is Ramo’s girlfriend, and Cengiz will take revenge on her.

Seasons and episodes

The TV series Ramo has 40 episodes aired in two seasons. Now, each chapter has a duration ranging from 130 to 160 minutes, which is longer than the average movie.

Cast of this soap opera

The series was directed by Yağız Alp Akaydın and M. Cagatay Tosun. And in its cast, undoubtedly the figure that stands out the most is that of Murat Yildirim, known for participating in other soap operas such as “Thus” and Endless Love”. As for the rest of the cast, it is made up as follows:

  • Murat Yıldırım as Ramo
  • Esra Bilgiç as Sibel
  • Kerem Atabeyoğlu as Cengiz
  • Ilker Aksum as Hasan
  • Emre Kınay as Sharif
  • İlhan Şen as Neco
  • Cemre Baysel as Fatos

The main actors of this series

Ramo (Murat Yıldırım)

Murat Yildirim in Ramo series

Ramo is the most effective man in the organized gang. He is intelligent, enterprising and has his own methods. He may appear ruthless to his enemies, but he is always fair and helpful to his loved ones.

Although he is not afraid to get his hands dirty, he is a person who tries to protect his principles and values. His family has all the power. He protects his loved ones, watches over the reputation they deserve and ensures justice. But, the final decision he makes to protect his loved ones will lead both him and his family into a great war.

Sibel (Esra Bilgiç)

Esra Bilgiç in Ramo series

Sibel, is Cengiz’s daughter and Ramo’s wife.

Although she is a sensible woman who can take the initiative, she carries the arrogance of the wealth she was born with.

She has never been as close to her mother as her brother Neco is. But she has a very close relationship with her father.

That is why she is most affected when her father is killed. The war that started with the death of her father is a radical change in Sibel’s life.

She cannot tell who is friend and who is foe. The only thing that will prevent this disaster is… love!

Boz (Görkem Sevindik)

Görkem Sevindik in Ramo series

Boz is Ramo’s best friend from the neighborhood. He is like a brother to Ramo.

For years, when he was little, his father tortured him and his mother. As a child, together with Ramo, he found a gun and they hid it. Until the day his father tried to kill his mother.

Then to protect his mother, he killed his father. His mother took responsibility and went to jail. She asks Ramo’s family to take care of him. And so he becomes part of the family.

They are connected with something more important than blood. Another person he is attached to is Fatoş, Ramo’s sister. He secretly loves her and their love grows . Boz will take the first step for the war to start, which will change the fate of the family and change Fatoş’s life.

Fatoş (Cemre Baysel)

Cemre Baysel in Ramo series

Fatoş is Ramo’s sister. She is a passionate and intelligent woman. An open and brave woman who expresses her feelings without hesitation.

She is in love with her brother’s best friend: Boz and her greatest desire is to marry him and lead a happy life.

But, life has other plans for her. She will sacrifice herself to end the war that her brother Ramo started and marry Neco, the son of her enemy. This surrender will turn her into a completely different woman.

Necati (ilhan şen)

lhan şen in Ramo series

Necati is Cengiz’s son. He is quite a psychopath.

It is impossible to predict what he is going to do. He is an evil and dangerous person.

He lives comfortably knowing that one day he will take over his father’s kingdom.

That day may come sooner than he thinks. But not as a successor, but as a puppet.

Where to watch the series for free in English

The series is a production of the company Inter Medya. As for its broadcasting, the official broadcasting media is Show TV. It should be noted that, as the telenovela is new, there is a possibility that other media may acquire the rights.

So far, no other channels are known to have acquired the rights to the telenovela. However, you can also find the complete episodes in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below. Of course, the quality may be far from the best, after all, it is always better to opt for the official media.

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