A Woman Scorned (Sadakatsiz)

Turkis serie A Woman Scorned (Sadakatsiz)

The Turkish serie A Woman Scorned, (Sadakatsiz) in its original language, is an adaptation of the British BBC series and broadcasted on Netflix Doctor Foster that tells a story of revenge of a deceived woman.

This soap opera, originally broadcast on Kanal D, has been very popular in Turkey conquering the audience episode after episode. It is a psychological thriller full of tension that keeps us hooked to the TV.

Fortunately, this drama has reached the screens of English audiences. So if you are interested in knowing the plot and what this series is about, its actors and where to watch it in English and online, here we explain all the details.

Did you know that Cansu Dere Mejor has been awarded as best actress of the season’ for her character Asya in this series?

Plot of the Turkish TV series A Woman Scorned

Dr. Asya lives a quiet and happy life with her husband Volkan and son Ali. It seems like a perfect life, but that happiness is shattered when Asya sees a suspicious blonde hair on Volkan’s scarf. At that moment she begins to question her husband’s fidelity.

Finally, she confirms that all her suspicions were right. She discovers that her husband has been having an affair with another, younger woman for some months and has also gotten her pregnant. But that’s not all, as if that were not enough, she also discovers that her entire circle of friends knew about this infidelity.

Asya, upset by this unexpected discovery, must choose between looking the other way and saving her marriage or, on the contrary, taking revenge on her unfaithful husband.

Even though she will try to forget Volkan and move on alone with her son, she decides not to be the victim of this relationship and will try to take revenge on all those who betrayed her. On her husband and her friends.

Will Asya be able to rebuild her life? Will she take revenge on her husband and all those who betrayed her?

Don’t miss this thrilling drama and discover the answer to all these questions.

Seasons and episodes of the TV drama A Woman Scorned

At the moment, this Turkish production has one season composed of a total of 31 chapters of 120 minutes each. It is a relatively new series, having premiered on October 20, 2020 in Turkey and ending on June 2, 2021.

Its ending leaves the door open for a second season. Let’s hope so, as we loved this fast-paced series. But we will have to wait to see it on our screens.

Cast of the telenovela Sadakatsiz

The series A Woman Scorned is directed by Neslihan Yeşilyurt and stars the following actors and actresses:

  • Cansu Dere as Asya
  • Caner Cindoruk as Volkan
  • Melis Sezen as Derin Güçlü
  • Burak Sergen as Haluk
  • Özge Özder as Derya
  • Yeliz Kuvancı as Bahar
  • Mahmut Gökgöz as Altan
  • Bennu Yıldırımlar as Asya Günalan
  • Where to watch the novel Infiel (Sadakatsiz) in English

Where to watch the novel Infiel (Sadakatsiz) in English

You can watch all the full episodes of this series in original version on the online platform of Kanal D. You can watch the full episodes in English on some Internet platforms.

You can also watch it on Antena 3 broadcasts in Spain. For the rest of the Latin countries, they are available on ATRESplayer’s online platform.

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