My Name Is Farah (Benim Adim Farah)

Cover of the Turkish  Series My Name Is Farah

Discover the exciting Turkish production “My Name is Farah” (Benim Adim Farah in its original language), one of the latest TV series to hit the airwaves. This drama promises to captivate not only with its intriguing plot but also with the dazzling performances of two big stars: Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek.

Want to know more? Here, we’ll tell you everything that has been leaked so far, from its synopsis to the names of the cast. Don’t miss out!

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Plot of the Turkish series My Name is Farah

Little is known about the synopsis of this series which is just being shot. What is known so far is that the story centers on a woman who earns her living working as a cleaning lady.

However, this lady is no ordinary worker, as she actually works for the mafia, cleaning up crime scenes to cover up murders.

It all begins when Dr. Farah’s son is diagnosed with an incurable disease, which requires an enormous amount of money for his treatment.

One day, Farah unwittingly witnesses a murder, and, although she hides, she is discovered by the murderer, who, to Farah’s surprise, proposes that she work for his organization, a job that might allow her to pay for her son’s treatment.

This is how Farah gets involved in a shady business and gets involved in a spiral of violence from which it will not be easy to get out.

The Benin Adim Farah series looks set to be a hit of the season. It has all the ingredients to be so, from a formidable acting duo to an eye-catching script.

Seasons and episodes

The series is just premiering, so it is not known how many episodes it will have, let alone how many seasons. The length of a telenovela will always depend on its success in terms of ratings.

So, we can only cross our fingers that the telenovela My name is Farah has a good number of viewers so that the story can be fully developed.


The director of the series is Recai Karagöz, and the top cast is organized as follows:

  • Demet Ozdemir as Farah
  • Engin Akyurek as Tahir
  • Rustin Paknahad as Karimshah
  • Fırat Tanış as Başkomiser Mehmet
  • Ali Surmeli as Suleiman
  • Mert Dogan as Bekir

Where to watch this TV drama in English

The official broadcast channel for the series My Name Is Farah (Benim Adim Farah) is FOX TV. However, you can also watch the series online on the various websites and platforms available on the internet. Take a look at the following link:

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