Black Money Love (Kara Para Aşk)

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Smuggled Love also known in its original language as: “Kara Para Aşk”, is perhaps one of the best oriental series of the decade. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Turkish soap operas of recent years.

Love in Contraband is one of the clearest samples of Turkish film and television talent. A sample of the capacity and talent of Turkish audiovisual studios to make good television productions.

So if you want to know all the details about this Turkish drama, keep reading because we tell you about it in this article.

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Plot of the Turkish TV drama “Black Money Love”

This interesting dramatic romance story centers on Ömer Demir, who is a commissioner who is engaged to a teacher. On the other hand, there is Elif Denizer who is a member of one of the most powerful families in the city of Istanbul.

Unexpectedly, both will suffer the loss of a loved one during one night. So they will have to join forces to seek answers as to why two people from such different worlds were killed together in the same car. However, first they will have to learn to trust each other in order to achieve their goals.

Seasons and episodes of this series

Kara Para Ask is a Turkish series not very extensive, developing the entire novel in 2 seasons with 54 episodes in total. On the other hand, each episode has a duration ranging from 120-140 minutes. This is almost the average length of most Turkish series.

The episodes of the soap opera were aired from March 12, 2014 to July 15, 2015. They are distributed as follows:

  • First season: 13 episodes: from 1-13
  • Second season: 42 episodes: from 13-54.


The series Love in Contraband was directed by filmmaker Ahmet Katıksızy, and written by Eylem Canbolat and Sema Ergenekon. As for the top cast, it is distributed as follows:

  • Engin Akyürek as Ömer
  • Tuba Büyüküstün as Elif
  • Saygın Soysal as Fatih
  • Hazal Türesan as Asli
  • Damla Colbay as Demet
  • Erkan Can as Tayyar
  • Nebahat Çehre as Zerrin

Smuggled Love is one of Turkey’s biggest hits

This soap opera broke an audience record, being sold in more than 107 countries worldwide, and was not only a financial success but also a critical success, being nominated three times for the Altın Kelebek Awards, which are the awards given to the representatives who stand out the most in Turkish television.

Where to watch online this drama in English

The official broadcasting channel of the series Black Money Love (Kara Para Aşk) is ATV. In addition, you can watch the series and all the full episodes in English on Netflix or various online platforms such as the one shown below.

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