Legacy (Emanet)

Cover of the turkisk serie Emanet (Legacy)

Turkish series often feature “clichéd” stories, as are many of the romance novels they produce. However, they also show their talent with great drama works that are capable of plaguing even the hardest hearts.

And this is the case of the telenovela “Emanet“, which moves away from conventional themes to propose an emotional story that is polished by the outstanding performances of its cast.

Below we leave you a video of the series in which its plot is explained.

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Plot of the Turkisg TV series Emanet: The Legacy

The story begins with Kevser, a poor woman who falls in love with a man from a rich and corrupt family. When they marry, Kevser’s father cuts off all relations with his daughter as he does not approve of such a marriage.

However, one day Kevser loses her husband, so overnight she finds herself trapped in the Kirimli mansion with her 5-year-old son Yusuf, with no one else to turn to. But not everything will remain there, because one day tragedy comes knocking at the door again, and Kevser dies in an accident. Thus, little Yusuf will be left an orphan in the midst of a vicious family lacking affection and love.

Yusuf will be left in the care of his uncle Yaman, a powerful, hard and cold-hearted man. Although Yusuf is doing very well under his uncle’s care, the little boy longs for sympathy, which he certainly does not receive in that family.

But before Kevser died, she had asked Seher, his sister, to take care of her son. So the young woman leaves her neighborhood and moves to the mansion, where she will confront the wealthy family in defense of her son.

And although Yaman is cold and distant, between him and Seher something very special will begin to emerge, a burning flame will ignite in the hearts of both. But not everything will be easy, the two will have to go through a difficult test.

Emanet, seasons and episodes

The series has only one season so far. That said, this season has no less than 200 episodes. The premiere of the series was on September 7, 2020. So it can be said that the novel “The Legacy” is one of the last great works.


The Turkish drama Legacy was directed by Ayhan Özen and Serkan Mut.

  • Sıla Türkoğlu as Seher
  • Halil İbrahim Ceyhan as Yaman
  • Berat Rüzgar Özkan as Yusuf
  • Melih Özkaya as Ali
  • Gülderen Güler as Kiraz
  • Rüya Coriç

Where can I watch the Emanet series in English?

The series is originally broadcasted by Kanal 7, Turkey. However, being a new series and also little known, there are not many media where you can watch it.

However, there are other platforms where you can watch the full episodes online. Both in its original language and in English. As usual, we always recommend watching it from official sites.

The following is an example:

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