Recipes of Love (Aşkın Tarifi)

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Recipes of Love, Aşkın Tarifi in its original language, is a Turkish series that belongs to the romantic comedy genre and the cooking subgenre. It is relatively new so, so far it is not a well-known novel in the media.

Therefore, on this occasion we are going to present you everything you should know about the telenovela Recipes of Love, also known as Love recipes. Here you will find its synopsis, cast and the channels where you can watch it.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the Askin tarifi (Recipes of Love) Series

Turkish series tend to feature romantic stories with touches of comedy, and this one is one of them. Love Recipes has both comedy, romance and drama.

The story in question revolves around Ferit, who is a humble, hardworking and passionate man who is also very happy with his life. However, one day his happiness comes to an end when on his wedding day, Asuman, his partner, stands him up.

And it doesn’t all end there, as Asuman will appear on television, on Doctor Love’s program, saying that the doctor opened her eyes, thanking him for helping her escape and gain her freedom. And to top it all off, Doctor Love takes the opportunity to address Ferit and tell her that he doesn’t know how to love or fall in love with any woman.

But Ferit has a mistake, when he gets upset, nothing stops him. So, the man begins to plan his revenge. And to do so, he investigates Doctor Love thoroughly, to find out who his girlfriend is and make her fall in love, so that the doctor feels what he felt.

In this way he gets Nazli, an intelligent, educated and attractive woman, a lover of cooking like Ferit. Nazli, although she comes from a rich family, is determined to be independent and set up her own restaurant.

In her restaurant she needs a chef specialized in French food, and that’s when Ferit seizes the opportunity to apply for a job. Already working in the restaurant, Ferit sets out on a mission to make Nazli fall in love, but it won’t be easy.

Seasons and episodes of the turkish show Love recipes

The telenovela began airing on June 7, 2021, so so far it only has 13 episodes. But of course, as the story is not over yet, it is expected that many more episodes will be released, although, at the same time it is not known if the series will only be a summer comedy. What is known is that fans are waiting in anticipation.

Cast of the novel

The cast of the series Love recipes consists of well-known Turkish actors. Here are the main characters:

  • Kadir Dogulu as Fetit.
  • Serra Aritürk as Nazli
  • Alper Saldiran as Taylan Günebakan
  • Cem Davran as Hazim Soyluer

Where to watch Recipes of Love online

The official channel that broadcasts this series is Kanal D, from Turkey, which broadcasts it on Mondays. However, you can find this series online and in English on many websites, where you can watch all its episodes in the best quality.

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