Room Number: 309 (No: 309)

Cover of the Turkish TV series No: 309

Room Number: 309 (No: 309)

In the last decade, Turkish film studios have given us a large number of top-quality series and soap operas mainly focused on the romance, drama and comedy genres.

One of those Turkish TV series that has given a lot to talk about is “Room 309” (No 309 in its original language), whose plot left no one indifferent, but hooked a large number of viewers from beginning to end.

On this occasion, we present to you everything you should know about this Turkish novel.

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Plot of the series Room number 309

The story of the telenovela Room number 309 centers on a posthumous video of the millionaire patriarch of a family, who announces that the first grandson who marries and has a child will be the heir to his entire share of the family company.

Thus, the respective mothers of the young men begin to schedule blind dates for their sons, with the aim that they fall in love, get married and have a baby, thus becoming the holders of the great inheritance.

Thus, Onur appears, who, forced by his mother, goes on a blind date where he meets Lale. What they did not expect is that this blind date would turn into a night of madness and fun where they both get drunk and end up in room 309 of a hotel.

The next morning, unable to remember what happened that night, Onur and Lale agree to never see each other again. However, three months later Lale discovers that she is pregnant.

Seasons and episodes of this romantic comedy

“No: 309” had two seasons aired between June 1, 2016, and October 25, 2017.

However, contrary to what we are accustomed to western series that for each season come a few episodes, the two seasons of this Turkish soap opera have nothing more and nothing less than 202 episodes with a duration of 120 minutes each.

Cast of the TV series No: 309

  • Demet Özdemir as Lale Yenilmez
  • Furkan Palalı as Onur Sarıhan
  • Cihan Ercan as Erol Sarıhan
  • Sumru Yavrucuk as Songül Yenilmez
  • Sevinç Erbulak as Betül Sarıhan
  • Nurşim Demir as İsmet Sarıhan
  • Gökçe Özyol as Kurtuluş Yorulmaz

Where to watch the series Room 309 in English language

Unlike other more well-known Turkish series titles, “No: 309” is not as widely distributed as other telenovelas: it can be said that this series is somewhat underrated. Fortunately, however, you can watch the series in English on some channels.

The main official broadcaster of the series is Fox, who aired every single episode of this romantic comedy. On the other hand, you can also watch the full episodes of this TV drama with English audio or subtitles on various online platforms.

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