All about marriage (Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey)

You’ve probably heard of the English series Split. Which was released in 2018 and tells the story of a family of lawyers who are confronted with their past when their father returns after 30 years absent. Well, there is a Turkish version of the said series, it is called “All About Marriage”, known in its original language as “Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey“.

So this time we will tell you everything you should know about this telenovela; we will tell you everything from its plot to the channels where you can watch it in English, and also the actors and actresses that make up its cast.

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Plot of the Turkish series All About Marriage

The story of this Turkish soap opera tells us about Colpan Cevher, who is a renowned lawyer engaged in the business of divorces of the rich and famous. Colpan has made her law firm the most prominent divorce law firm in Istanbul.

One day, Azra, her eldest daughter who works with her, leaves the firm and goes to work for the rival lawyer’s firm. This creates a certain conflict in Colpan. On the other hand, there is Sanem, another daughter, who is also a lawyer and works with her; and Güney, her younger daughter, who lives her life away from the law.

The situation is complicated when the father shows up 25 years after having run away with the nanny, and to top it off, he arrives demanding his share of the family business.

Azra, on the other hand, married Sergen Günay, another divorce lawyer, with whom she had 3 children. Azra has a very traditional concept of family and marriage. The young woman, after overcoming the disappointment of her father’s abandonment, has to struggle to discover her husband’s betrayal and face her own divorce.

Moreover, in the new law firm Azra joins she will meet Yildirim, her old love.

Seasons and episodes of this Turkish TV series

This soap opera premiered in 2021, so, so far it has only 15 episodes aired in a single season. The possibility of the telenovela producing a new season will depend on the success of the first season. If it does not meet the expected quota, it may be cancelled.

Cast of the series All About Marriage (Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey)

The novel was directed by Yusuf Pirhasan and Volkan Keskin. And as far as the cast is concerned, the cast is made up as follows:

  • Sumru Yavrucuk as Çolpan Cevher Arsen
  • Gökçe Bahadır as the role of Azra Cevher Günay
  • Yiğit Kirazcı as Yıldırım Şahin
  • Sarp Akkaya as Günay Sergen Günay
  • Gökçe Eyüboğlu as Sanem Cevher
  • Tülin Ece as Güneş Cevher Kurudan

Where to watch the soap opera All About Marriage in English.

The series is currently airing on FOX Turkey, and will soon be aired in other languages. For example, in Spain, Antena 3 channel has already acquired the rights to the soap opera.

At the moment we have no news of any channel broadcasting this series in English. But, you can find it with English subtitles on various online platforms.

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