Love Out-Of-Spite (Inadina Ask)

Cover of Turkish Series Inadina Ask

Turkish TV series are giving much to talk about in the world of cinematic entertainment, and this mainly because they offer a different approach to society, as their productions are closely linked to Turkish culture.

On this occasion, we present the telenovela “Inadina Ask“, better known in English as “Love Out-Of-Spite”. Which is an extraordinary series that, although the title sounds familiar and we get to relate it with content already seen in Western producers, we can be sure that the story of the series is narrated in a very different way than what we commonly see.

It is also one of the series starring one of the most famous Turkish actors: the very handsome Can Yaman.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the series Inadina Ask

The story of this Turkish soap opera is about a young woman who has just graduated from university and has constant fights with her brother Çınar who is very jealous of her. Having finished her university studies, Defne gets a job at Arass Technology as a computer engineer.

On her first day at work Çınar asks Defne to go to the parking lot to change her clothes, since, according to him, she was dressed very provocatively. Defne listens to her brother and in the parking lot she will meet Yalın, who entertains her and makes her late for work.

After getting in trouble for being late, Defne convinces her supervisor to give her a chance if she manages to solve a problem in the computer code that same day. She manages to solve the problem, thus proving that she is the most qualified to be in that position.

However, everything gets complicated when she discovers that Yalın is the CEO of Arass Technology. Thus will begin an entertaining and charismatic romantic comedy.

Seasons and episodes

Inadina Ask” is a Turkish production that true to the style of Turkish soap operas has only one season consisting of 32 episodes aired between July 2, 2015 and February 3, 2016.

However, the negative point of the series is that the story is unfinished, and they have not finished it because, according to the soap opera, it did not have enough audience during its broadcasting. However, all fans have faith and are looking forward to a second season.

Top Cast

  • Açelya Topaloğlu as Defne
  • Can Yaman as Yalın
  • Nilay Duru as Yeşim Aras
  • Eren Vurdem as Çınar
  • Cem Belevi as Deniz
  • Yeşim Dalgıçer as Leyla
  • Taner Rumeli as Toprak

Where to watch online this series in English

The official broadcasting channel of this drama is FOX. In addition, you can watch the series and all the full episodes in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below. Of course, the quality of the series may be far from the best, after all, it is always better to opt for original products.

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