Interrupted – Unfinished Love Circle (Yarim Kalan Asklar)

Series Interrupted - Unfinished Love Circle

The plot of the Turkish series Interrupted (Yarim Kalan Asklar), also known as Unfinished Love Circle, also known as Life Interrupted, is about a young journalist who suffers a real misfortune while investigating an enigmatic case of blind people.

A series that mixes the crime and mystery genre with romance in a very subtle way. It has unexpected twists and turns those leave viewers perplexed. One of those that get you hooked to the couch. So if you are interested, in this article we explain the main details of this series.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of Interrupted Turkish series

The Interrupted Turkish TV series stars Ozan (played by Tolga Saritas) as an idealistic journalist who is always searching for truth and justice. Ozan is deeply in love with Elif (Dilan Cicek Deniz), a co-worker who is also a journalist.

Ozan begins to investigate a mysterious case in which a group of people go blind after showing the same symptoms. In addition, all these individuals hear strange supernatural voices just before they go blind. Ozan wants to uncover the reasons behind this case and his investigation initially leads him to a chemistry professor. However, before he can talk to him, Ozan suddenly dies after being hit by a car.

The story doesn’t end here, since as we said Ozan stars in this Turkish series and you can’t do without him, can you?

Well, for reasons we won’t reveal now, it turns out that Ozan is reincarnated in a new body and given a second chance to finish his unfinished work. So that he can investigate the strange case he had in hand. Of course, while doing so, Ozan cannot tell his true identity to anyone. Absolutely no one. Not even his girlfriend or his family.

Now, Ozan finds himself in the body of Kadir (Burak Deniz). Kadir is a policeman in the criminal investigation department. Kadir is not going through a good personal time besides having problems with drugs, alcohol and gambling. He really leads a bad life and no wonder he is divorced. Even with a daughter, Kadir is not a role model for a father. In fact, he’s not even a good cop.

Unfortunately, so no one suspects Ozan can do nothing but behave as if he were Kadir. He immediately goes to the funeral that is organized for himself and claims to be a friend from Ozan’s high school. He then goes to the criminal investigation department and is surprised when he learns about the case assigned to his work team.

He is going to be in charge of the investigation of his own death. Ozan’s death. He will try to find out if it is a traffic accident or an intentional murder since the hit-and-run occurred under strange circumstances,

Kadir or Ozan (what a mess, right?) is willing to investigate this case voluntarily. He goes to his own workplace and meets Elif. After talking for a while they deduce that he has been murdered because he was investigating the case of the blind and begin to collaborate to find his killer.

The story becomes more complicated when they discover a video recording that clearly shows the face of the person who ran him over. It is also clear that he did it intentionally. And here comes another big surprise, that person is Kadir himself – an incredible twist!

And this is as far as we can tell you. But many questions remain in the air: did Kadir intentionally run over Ozan? did Kadir get paid to kill Ozan? will Elif manage to solve the case of the blind men? will Ozan finally reveal that he has been reincarnated in Kadir’s body? will Ozan succeed in his second chance and finish his unfinished work? will Elif recognize the similarities between Ozan and Kadir?

Cast of Yarim Kalan Asklar

The characters of this soap opera are played by the following actors and actresses:

  • Tolga Saritas as Ozan
  • Dilan Cicek as Elif
  • Burak Deniz as Kadir
  • Cem Davran as Nejat
  • Ezel Akay as Ismet
  • Tolga Saritas as Ozan

Where to watch Interrupted series in English

This series, being relatively new has not yet reached English-speaking TV channels. So watching it in English is really complicated. Hopefully, some English TV channels will bet on this series and we will be able to enjoy it soon on our screens. Anyway, you can watch it in its original version on the online platform Blutv.

On the Internet, there are several options to watch it online and with English subtitles. Here is an example.

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