Brothers (Bir Aile Hikayesi)

Cover of the Turkish series Brothers

Dramas are the emblem of Turkish television. More and more Turkish series are being produced to meet a demand that has been growing steadily for years. However, as expected, so much quantity results in most of the drama novels looking alike.

This time, however, we present you with a nostalgic Turkish drama, the kind you hardly ever see and that won’t leave you indifferent. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Brothers, known in its original language as “Bir Aile Hikayesi“. The new hit from the creators of the series Woman.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the series Brothers

The story of Bir Aile Hikayesi revolves around four brothers who were born on the same day. All four are about to live the most important day of their lives.

On the one hand, there is Cem who is preparing to celebrate his birthday with his wife Reyhan, who is also in labor pains, which despite being labeled as a “risky birth”, the couple is confident that everything will be fine.

On the other hand, there is Berk, who for five years has been the advertising face of a brand. He is presented with an opportunity to participate in a film, however, he does not get permission from his producer.

On the other hand, there is Mahur, who after having been searching for his biological father for years, will receive the good news on his birthday. However, meeting his father will greatly disappoint him.

Finally, there is Beste, who has had problems with the pounds on his body. But, on her thirty-fifth birthday, the girl makes an important decision.

In this way, the novel presents us with these four stories, where the protagonists struggle to overcome different adverse circumstances.

Bir Aile Hikayesi soap opera season and episodes

This Turkish soap opera has two seasons, which together total 50 episodes. The series aired on Turkish channels from March 9, 2019 to October 19, 2019.

Cast of the soap opera

The series was created by American Dan Fogelman. As for its cast, it is made up as follows:

  • Songül Öden as Reyhan Günes.
  • Celil Nalcakan as Cem Günes
  • Irem Sak as Müjde Günes
  • Birkan Sokullu as Berk Günes
  • Olgun Toker as Mahur Günes
  • Alper Saldiran as Erdem Beyaaz

Where to watch this series online and in English

This series, being relatively new, is difficult to find with audio or subtitles in English. We have only located it in some online platforms. So if you don’t know any site where you can see it, don’t forget to share it.

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