Broken Pieces (Paramparça)

Paramparça, also known in English as “Broken Pieces“, is a Turkish telenovela that has been on the air for quite some time. is a Turkish telenovela that has been premiered for quite some time, however, like many of its counterparts, it has become more famous as time goes by.

This time we will talk about this Turkish series, telling you its synopsis, the episodes that make it up, the cast that integrates it and the ways in which you can watch online and in English this soap opera in a legal way.

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Plot of the Paramparça series: Broken Pieces

The storyline of this Turkish TV series may seem ordinary. However, it is still an interesting proposal worth watching, especially if you are a fan of Turkish soap operas.

The plot in question tells us about Gülseren, a woman who is run over by a wealthy couple, so despite being poor they start her labor in a hospital for the rich, and she becomes the mother of a beautiful girl named Hazal.

At the same time and in the same hospital, a wealthy woman named Dilara also gives birth to a girl named Cansu. However, to the misfortune of both families, the girls will be swapped by mistake, and will be raised in the wrong family.

But nothing will stay that way, as the truth will be revealed when Cansu suffers an accident, and after undergoing hospital tests, her parents find out that she is not their biological daughter.

From then on, the lives of both families will change, marked by the socioeconomic differences between them. Thus, throughout the story we will see the contrast of how the rich and the poor suffer with conflicts corresponding to their economic level.

Vidas cruzadas has all the ingredients of a class melodrama that will hook you from beginning to end.

Seasons and episodes of Paramparça

This Turkish drama has three seasons and a total of 97 episodes released between December 1, 2014 and March 27, 2017. Each episode has a duration of 120-140 minutes.

The seasons and episodes are divided as follows:

  • Season 1: 31 episodes
  • Season 2: 40 episodes
  • Season 3: 26 episodes


The series was directed by Cevdet Mercan and Altan Dönmez, and written by Yıldız Tunç. As for its cast, it consists of the following:

  • Erkan Petekkaya as Cihan Gürpınar.
  • Nurgül Yeşilçay as Gülseren
  • Ebru Ozkan as Dilara
  • Barış Falay as Harun Erguvan
  • Mine Tugay as Asuman Terzioğlu
  • Civan Canova as Asuman Terzioğlu

Where to watch online and in English the series Broken Pieces

The soap opera The Ambassador’s Daughter has been aired mainly by the Turkish channel Star TV. Another TV channel that broadcasted this TV series was Wapa TV. In addition, you can also find this series with English subtitles on various online platforms.

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