I Love Again (Aşk Yeniden)

I love Again Turkish serie

Turkish series are breaking (in the good sense of the word) television, every day there are more productions that hook a good part of the public. Now, the stories of these Turkish productions usually revolve around romance, and the one we present you this time is no exception.

Here we will talk about the teleserie Love at Second Sight, also known as Aşk Yeniden in its original language. Stay to see its synopsis, cast, episodes and seasons, and the sites where you can watch it.

Plot of this Turkish TV series

This magnificent series navigates between romance and comedy, telling us about love in a funny and different way.

The plot of Aşk Yeniden revolves around two people who make the decision to evade the harsh reality of life, a reality they have discovered when they both fail in their respective relationships.

Specifically, Fatih and Zeynep get on a plane heading back to their home country of Turkey. Both have a harsh reality to deal with.

Fatih had fled his country with the excuse of studying abroad, precisely in New York, but with the real intention of not marrying a woman with whom he is not in love, but whose marriage was already arranged. In New York he really falls in love with someone else, however, the woman ends up rejecting him, so he returns to Turkey sad and disillusioned.

On the other side is Zeynep, who had left home without her parents’ approval since she was in love. However, the man she fell in love with turned out to be a lout, a bad person. So now Zeynep is a single mother.

When these two meet, they immediately see that they have nothing in common, but one sees in the other an escape route to face the problem of the family that awaits them. Therefore, they decide to pretend to be a couple.

Season and episodes of the telenovela I Love Again

I Love Again, premiered on February 10, 2015 and aired until June 14, 2016. In total, the series had two seasons and 59 episodes distributed as follows:

  • First season: 19 episodes
  • Second season: 40 episodes

Cast of the novel

The series was directed by Ersoy Güler. As for its cast, it is made up as follows:

  • Özge Özpirinçci as Zeynep Taşkın.
  • Behiç Buğra Gülsoy as Fatih Şekercizade
  • Temer Levent as the role of Şevket Taşkın
  • Lale Basar as Mukaddes Şekercizade
  • Tülin Oral as Gülsüm Şekercizade
  • Sema Kecig as Meryem Özer

Where to watch online and in English this Turkish series.

The official broadcasting media of the series is FOX Turkey. However, you can also watch this series on some online platforms, free and paid.

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