Daydreamer (Erkenci kus)

Daydreamer (Erkenci kus)

Turkish series are giving a lot to talk about. And this has nothing to do with shady or controversial content. On the contrary, it has more to do with the positive aspects and the cinematographic quality that they are showing in their contents. In fact, they are showing the West that Turkey has the technical quality to develop good series that have nothing to envy to those produced by the big companies in the West.

One of the Turkish series of reference and that has had more international success has been Daydreamer (Erkenci kus). A romance drama elaborated in the fullest and most complete way possible, leaving everyone enchanted at the time.

Plot of the turkish series Daydreamer

The story of the Daydreamer TV series is centered on Sanem, who is a young girl from Istanbul who dreams of becoming a writer and living in Galapagos. However, her life will change when she realizes that her parents will prepare a forced marriage for her if she does not get a stable job.

Because of this ultimatum, Sanem starts working for an important advertising company, a job obtained by her sister Leyla, who works for the owner’s son.

With the arrival of the other son of the owner (Can) who takes over the company, Sanem will be trapped in a sea of deception and controversy, being in love with Can who at the same time she hates for the defamations made by his brother.

Thus will develop a story not only of love, but also of drama and comedy, in the purest Turkish style.

Seasons and episodes of “Erkenci kus”

This Turkish soap opera started airing on June 26, 2018 and culminated on August 6, 2019. The series had only one season aired during that period.

However, unlike how we are used to western series, this soap opera has 51 episodes, each of them having a thickness of up to 140 minutes per full episode.

Cast of “Erkenci kus, Daydreamer”.

  • Can Yaman as Can Divit.
  • Demet Özdemir as Sanem Aydin.
  • Öznur Serçeler as Leyla Aydin.
  • Cihan Ercan as Muzaffer Kaya.
  • Özlem Tokaslan as Mevkibe Aydin.
  • Berat Yenilmez as Nihat Aydin.

Where to watch “Erkenci kus” in English

Perhaps, the only negative point of this series is its limited broadcasting in English audio. Unfortunately, at present few television outlets are currently broadcasting this Turkish show. So the only option is to search for this series through the various platforms available. You will find all the complete chapters subtitled in English. At the beginning of the post we have left you an example link.

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