Love of my life (Hayatımın Aşkı)

Cover of Turkish Series Love of my life

Turkish series have made us fall in love and hooked us in such a way that their stories are already a part of our life, not as something elementary, but rather as part of our leisure time. If we have free time, the first thing we think of is to tune in to a Turkish soap opera.

On this website, we have information about more than a hundred Turkish series, so if you want to sit down and watch a soap opera, you can choose from our catalog of recommendations, a series that catches your attention.

And this time we present to you the TV soap opera “Love of My Life“, also known in its original language as “Hayatımın Aşkı“. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about the series, we will expose its synopsis, cast and the places where you can watch it.

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Plot of the Turkish series Love of my life.

The story of the series The Bet of My Life (Hayatımın Aşkı) does not deviate from the conventional, from what has been presented before by other Turkish soap operas. It is in fact a romantic comedy that, although it may present several clichés, it does not fail to profile itself as a novel that will bring out more than one smile and will make you have a pleasant and fun time, which, after all, is what we are looking for.

The plot revolves around Gökçe, a beautiful girl who works at Agency 237, an advertising company. The young girl is single, and when all her friends get married, Gökce begins to reflect on the life she leads, the life that awaits her in the future and the life she really wants to have.

That is why the girl proposes a change, and that change is to fall in love with a man. The detail is that it is not just any man, but none other than the owner of Agency 237, a man named Demir.

On his way to achieve his goal, he meets Kaan, with whom he allies himself. On this challenging path to finding love, Gökce, Demir and Kaan will live diverse and funny adventures.

Seasons and episodes

The series premiered in 2016 and ceased broadcasting without being completed. The telenovela has a single season composed of 17 episodes.

We do not know the exact reason why the series was canceled, however, most of the time this happens is because the production did not have the minimum audience allowed.

Cast of Hayatımın Aşkı

The cast of the soap opera is composed as follows:

  • Hande Doğandemir as Gökçe
  • Serkan Çayoğlu as Demir Cerrahoğlu
  • Berk Hakman as Kaan
  • Zafer Algöz as Hikmet

Where to watch the series in English

At the time, the series was broadcast on Kanal D. Currently, it can be found on various internet sites where it can be watched online.

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