Hidden (Gizli Sakli)

Turkish drama Hidden (Gizli Sakli)

On this website, we always tell you about the best and most famous Turkish series, so that you have all the information you need to decide whether or not to watch a soap opera.

However, what we love the most is not to bring you popular knowledge series, but rather to introduce you to those TV dramas that are very little known but really worth watching.

And by virtue of the above, on this occasion, we deign to introduce you to the Turkish drama Hidden, known in its original language as “Gizli Sakli“. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about this series.

Plot of the Turkish TV series Hidden (Gizli Sakli)

The story of the Turkish TV series Hidden places us alongside Naz, who has just graduated from the police academy with the best grades in her class, an achievement that leads her to be chosen for a special mission.

The region has long had problems with Tarik Kosuoglu, a powerful mobster who has disturbed the peace and the law. As a result, the police devise a plan with the aim of catching the criminal, but to do so, they must first set him up.

And that’s where Naz and Pamir, the police commissioner, come in. They pretend to be married and go to live right across the street from Tarik. The main objective of the plan is that the supposed couple must befriend the mobster and his family.

However, Pamir is an officer who, although bold, sometimes decides to work under his own rules. Thus, the two policemen will not coincide and will not want to work together, all of which will lead them to go through the problems of a real marriage. However, they will have to dissimulate in order to successfully complete the mission.

Seasons and episodes

The Turkish series Hidden has just premiered, so so far it only has seven episodes and a single season. However, the continuation of the series and the possibility of another season always depend on the quality of the reception by the audience.

So far there is no further information regarding the future of Turkish drama.


This series, which was shot in Besiktas, Sariyer, Eyüp and other typical neighborhoods and areas of Istanbul, has the following top cast:

  • Sinem Ünsal as Naz Arıca / Yaz Güneş
  • Halit Özgür as Sarı Pamir Ulaş / Levent Güneş
  • Tardu Flordun as Tarık Koşuoğlu.
  • Sebnem Sonmez as Aynur
  • Sinasi Yurtsever as Namik
  • Caner Sahin as Emir

Where to watch online this series in English

The Turkish soap opera Hidden (Gizli Sakli) is broadcasted on FOX Turkey. But, if you do not have access to this channel, you can make use of the options that the Internet offers you, since, in this medium, you can find different ways to watch this Turkish drama online. Here is an example:


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