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There are television series that go unnoticed, either because of their quality or simply for lack of publicity. And Turkish soap operas are no exception. However, thanks to the boom that these soap operas are currently experiencing, those that previously went unnoticed are now gaining popularity.

One of these novels is Elif, which despite not having very good reviews, is a series worth watching. Especially if you are passionate about Turkish soap operas. So, this time we present you everything you should know about “Elif”.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the Turkish TV series Elif

The plot of this Turkish soap opera revolves around Elif, a little 7-year-old girl who is the daughter of Kenan Emiroglu and Melek.

The story begins with Melek, who works for a high society family known as the “Emiroglu’s”. One day, the young maid falls in love with Kenan, the first-born son of the Emiroglu family. And what at first seems to be a one-sided interest, soon ends up being a requited love.

So one day, the two will marry secretly despite the social differences and the problems that this entails. Later Melek becomes pregnant, without her knowing what will come next.

Soon after, Kenan’s mother confronts her to leave the house, so Melek, in order to save her baby, flees without giving explanations or notifying Kenan of her pregnancy.

This is how Elif, their daughter, is born at the same time that her father marries another woman and her mother starts a relationship with another man, a violent gambler who intends to sell Elif to pay off his gambling debts. Reason why Melek decides to give her daughter to Ayşe, the head of the service staff of the Emiroglu house.

In this way Elif will grow up in the farm, existing between Kenan and her a special affection. However, neither of them knows that this affection is the love of a father and daughter.

Elif, seasons and episodes

The soap opera aired from September 15, 2014 to June 7, 2019, having a total of 940 episodes released in 5 different seasons. The seasons are made up as follows.

  • Season 1: 183 episodes
  • Season 2: 178 episodes
  • Season 3: 199 episodes
  • Season 4: 195 episodes
  • Season 5: 185 episodes

Cast of the soap opera Elif

The soap opera Elif was directed by Fulya Yavuzoğlu and Oğuz Ayaz, and written by Rüya İstanbul. Its cast consists of the following:

  • Isabella Damla Güvenilir as Elif.
  • Selin Sezgin as Melek Özer
  • Volkan Çolpan as Kenan Emiroğlu
  • Altuğ Seçkiner as Kenan Emiroğlu
  • Hasan Ballıktaş as Veysel Şimşek
  • Zeynep Öğren as Tuğçe Emiroğlu
  • Cemre Melis Çınar as Arzu Karapınar Emiroğlu

Where to watch online and in English

Among the channels that have the rights to this telenovela are: Kanal 7 where you can watch the series in VO. To watch it with audio or subtitles in English you will have to do it on online platforms.

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