Why are there no kisses in Turkish series?

Why are there no kisses in Turkish series?

Turkish series and dramas have taken the world by storm. With titles such as Hercai, Woman or Love is in the air, they have managed to hook millions and millions of people to their seats. And it is not surprising, since these series have a high dramatic content and beautiful actors and actresses.

But, have you ever noticed that they hardly kiss each other, that there is a lot of cordiality between the characters and there is hardly any “friction” between them? If you have wondered why, in this article we are going to unveil this little mystery. Well, the reason and why Turkish series do not kiss is that they are subjected to audiovisual control by a state agency before being issued. The organism in charge of applying this filter is the Supreme Council of Radio and Television of Turkey (RTÜK).

Thus, it is not surprising that in order to avoid possible censorship, the scriptwriters of soap operas avoid at all costs to create scenes with a high love content. For this reason, we can rarely find two lovers kissing on the mouth.

But it’s not really true that there are no kisses in Turkish series. But there are. To prove it, we have prepared a selection of the best scenes of characters kissing each other.

What is the Radio and Television Supreme Council of Turkey (RTÜK)?

The Radio and Television Supreme Council of Turkey (RTÜK) is a state body consisting of 9 persons elected by the parliament. They are in charge of supervising and controlling Turkey’s audiovisual productions. If necessary, it has the power to censor and even sanction audiovisual productions that do not comply with its moral criteria.

In this way, Turkish dramas, series and movies are pressured to the criteria established by this body, as we have seen. For this reason, in recent years we do not see too often hot scenes between characters. We can’t even see too many orientations different from heterosexuality or see simple passionate kisses.

This has not always been the case, since the films produced in the Turkish country in the 60s and 70s were loaded with erotic content. A way of doing very distant from what we can find today.

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