Mehmed the Conqueror

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Mehmed, the Conqueror is a Turkish historical mini-series that portrays the life and vicissitudes of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed but is narrated in a way that hooks you from the first minute.

This time we will present to you everything you need to know about “Mehmed, the Conqueror”, known in its language as “Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi”. We will tell you about its synopsis, the actors and actresses who star in it and the sites where you can watch it legally.

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Plot of Mehmed, the Conqueror

This Turkish TV series focuses on the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed, who was Sultan between 1451 and 1481, being the seventh Sultan of the House of Osman. In addition, Mehmed’s name was engraved in history for being the man who put an end to the millenary Roman Empire, this was achieved when he took Constantinople in 1453.

Thus, the series focuses on the life of this sultan, telling the viewer how he rose to power.

After the death of his mother, the young Mehmed assumes the throne and the title of sultan at the age of 19. His greatest desire was to conquer the city of Constantinople, which is today’s Istanbul. However, this would not be easy, as the city had been surrounded on several occasions in the past, but all efforts to take it remained as attempts.

The difficult part of his mission was that he not only had to fight to the death against the entire Eastern Roman Empire, but he would also have to face internal enemies, such as Çandarlı Halil Paşa.

However, the young and ambitious Mehmed does not give up, and after 51 intense days of battle riddled with blood and death, the Ottoman troops give the final blow to the city and it falls, which makes Mehmed topple the Roman Empire at only 21 years of age.

Thus unfolds this historical series that leaves no one indifferent, and that you must see if you are a true fan not only of Turkish series, but also of history.

Seasons and episodes of this series

“Mehmet, the Conqueror”, rather than a series, is a miniseries. This was determined after several problems arose with the production of the series. Therefore, the series has only one season and 6 episodes.


The cast of the series consists of the following:

  • Kenan imirzalıoğlu as Mehmed.
  • Cetin Tekindor as Halil Pasha
  • Busra Develi as Eleni
  • Hazal Filiz Küçüköse as Melike
  • Ertan Saban as Konstantinos
  • Leyla Tanlar as Esleme

Where to watch the series in English

This series was produced to be distributed by Netflix. That is to say, it is this platform that has the rights to broadcast it. Beyond it, the series can also be watched online i in English. However, it is no secret all the inconveniences that arise when wanting to watch a movie or series online: connection problems, excessive advertising, etc.

You can also find this series in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below.

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