Lifeline (Sen Anlat Karadeniz)

Cover of the Turkish series Lifeline

The Turkish series Lifeline (Sen Anlat Karadeniz), also known as Black Sea, arrives with force to the screens after having been broadcasted with great success in other countries and being one of the Turkish series better valued by the critics.

In addition, this series has been awarded with important television prizes in Turkey. It is one of the Turkish series of the moment and has been the most watched series in Turkey. Are you going to miss it?

This dramatic soap opera narrates the impossible love between Nefes and Tahir and addresses the issue of gender violence as a background. Undoubtedly a story that will make you get excited and will not leave you indifferent.

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Plot of this Turkish TV series

Nefes is a girl of humble origins who lives captive with her son in the mansion of her husband: a powerful businessman who constantly mistreats her. One day, fed up with her current life and after many attempts, she and her son manage to escape in the car of a guest: Tahir. This is the moment when a love affair begins between them. A love that will not be without difficulties.

Will Nefes and Tahir manage to perpetuate their love? Will she be able to get away from her evil husband? Don’t miss this magnificent series. It is sure not to leave you indifferent.

What will we see in the first episode of Fugitive?

Nefes is a girl who was forced to be Vedat Sayar’s wife when she was very young. She lives captive of her husband with her seven-year-old son, Yiit. Nefes, who suffers gender-based violence from her husband, tries to escape so that she can give herself and her son a chance to be happy. But every time she tries, her husband manages to hold her back and continues to subject her to his violence. All attempts to escape fail until Tahir Kaleli captures her.

Tahir Kaleli, also known as Deli Tahir, is the son of a conservative family on the Black Sea. He is a rebellious, cheerful, lively and courageous boy. Tahir’s life will change forever. When Vedat Sayar calls the Kaleli family for dinner, they meet Tahir and Nefes. Nefes and Tahir, although they are complete strangers, have a crush. A love at first sight that seems impossible, since Nefes is a married woman.

In addition, Tehir observes the traces of abuse on Nefes’ wrists, unaware that a beautiful, but almost impossible love story has just begun.

Cast of the series

  • Ulaş Tuna Astepe as Tahir Kaleli
  • İrem Helvacıoğlu as Nefes Kaleli
  • Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu as Vedat Sayar
  • Gözde Kansu as Eyşan Sayar
  • Sinan Tuzcu as Mustafa Kaleli
  • Öykü Gürman as Asiye Kaleli
  • Nurşim Demir as Saniye Kaleli
  • Sait Genay as Osman Hopalı

Where to watch the series Lifeline in English

This series has been aired in more than 30 countries around the world. It can also be watched online on various platforms. Currently you can find it online on various platforms such as Youtube.

In this link you can find all the episodes of the TV series.

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