The Last Emperor (Payitaht Abdülhamid)

Cover of the Turkish Serie The Last Emperor

The Last Emperor, also known as “Payitaht Abdülhamid”, is a historical Turkish series released in 2017 which, despite the fact that it was the second highest-rated series in the European Union at that time, it is hardly known today.

That is why on this occasion we have come to talk to you about this series. We will tell you what it is about, which are the actors who participate in it, how many episodes and seasons it has, and the places where you can watch it.

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Season and episodes of the Turkish series The last emperor

The last emperor series tells the story of the last 13 years of the life of the famous sultan Abdul Hamid II or Abdülhamid, who was the 34th sultan of the great Ottoman Empire.

Abduhamid ruled the Ottoman Empire for 33 years, commanding with great skill and intelligence and defending the Empire at a time when the world set its sights on his lands.

Set in 1896, the series narrates the events that took place since the 20th anniversary of Sultan Abdühamid’s rule. Among the events, it recounts what happened in the Greek War, which resulted in a victory for the Ottomans after a long time.

It also narrates what is related to the I Zionist Congress, where the Sultan is asked for Palestinian lands. It shows how Abdu Hamid remained intransigent, not giving in until the end when his enemies leave the negotiating table disappointed.

Thus, the series narrates the events that marked the historic rule of Sultan Abdühamid. The soap opera is presented as a gift to the children of Turkey, exposing them to history and urging them to witness, through the narratives, the struggles and resilient character of the empire that preceded them.

Seasons and episodes

The series premiered on February 24, 2017 and culminated in 2021. In total, the series has 130 episodes broadcast in 5 seasons. In turn, each chapter has a duration of 150 minutes.


The TV show The Last Emperor (Payitaht Abdülhamid) was directed by Serdar Akar and Doğan Ümit Karaca; and written by Osman Bodur, Uğur Uzunok and Ali Al Suleiman.

The series featured 50 main actors and approximately 500 extras. In addition, a technical team consisting of 120 people also worked on the series.

The main cast of the series consisted of the following:

  • Bülent İnal İnal as Abdülhamid II
  • Özlem Conker as Bidâr Kadın Efendi II
  • Gürkan Uygun as Halil Halit Bey II
  • Hakan Boyav as Mahmud Pasha
  • Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu as Tahsin Pasha
  • Can Sipahi as Prince Abdülkadir

Where to watch the series The Last Emperor in English

The original broadcast television channel for this series is TRT 1 and TRT HD, where all episodes of the novel were aired.

However, you can also try to watch the novel online in the different media that offer the series in this way: Here is an example of how you can search:

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