Never Give Up (Asla vazgecmem)

Cover of the Turkish series Never give up

The Turkish television industry does not stop, and every day produces more series and soap operas that go straight to the market to meet the high demand for this type of productions in much of the world.

And this time we present you the series “Never Give Up“, also known in its original language as “Asla vazgecmem“. A very recent Turkish drama that will surely come soon to our screens in English.

In this article we will show you everything you need to know about this soap opera, from its plot, to the places where you can watch it legally.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the Turkish drama Never Give Up

The story of this series revolves around Nur, who is a girl who has been completely orphaned after the death of her father. Because of this tragic event, the young girl is forced to travel to Istanbul, to be taken in by some of her relatives who live in the Turkish capital.

When she arrives, she is taken in by her paternal aunt and cousin, but her uncle-in-law despises her. But what the young Nur does not expect is that on the farm where her uncles work, she will meet the love of her life.

On the other side of the story is Yigit, a man of strong character, leader of an automotive company, who finds himself in a rather complex personal and family situation, as he has to deal with the remorse of a car accident he had while arguing with his wife that he did not love her.

Due to this accident, his wife became bedridden after being in a coma, and has been in that condition for three years. During this time his son suffers because he does not stop missing his mother.

In the midst of this difficult situation, he and Nur meet, and this encounter will change their lives forever. Nur will make him see life in a different way, and will stimulate him to the point that Yigit will want to rebuild his life.

But nothing will be easy. The difference in social classes, the family’s refusal to accept their new love, insincerity and other obstacles will stand in the way of their relationship, and Nur and Yigit will have to defend their love against all odds.

Series seasons and episodes of Never give up

The series has three seasons and 59 episodes, which were aired between February 12, 2015 and October 6, 2016.

Cast of the this turkish TV series

The series was directed by Nihat Durak, Aysun Akyüz and Eda Teksöz. As for its cast, it is constituted as follows:

  • Tolgahan Sayisman as Yiğit Kozan.
  • Amine Gülse as Nur Demirağ
  • Ayşegül Günay as Aytül Demirer
  • Safak Pekdemir as İclal Demirer Kozan
  • Yonca Cevher as Nazan Kozan
  • Ümit Yesin as Tayyar Çelebi

Where to watch this series online and in English

The series was officially broadcasted by the Turkish channel Show TV, where all the episodes of the 3 seasons of this soap opera were broadcasted. To watch this series in English you will have to resort to some online platforms such as Youtube.

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