Chrysalis, The Girl in the Window (Camdaki Kiz)

Turkish series and soap operas are living their golden age, each year they produce countless productions that continue to enhance the name of this industry. And although Turkish productions cover a wide range of genres that can go from romance to mystery, what they mostly deal with are comedies and romantic dramas.

And this time we present you a new romantic drama, titled in English as Chrysalis or The Girl in the Window, which is based on the novel “Camdaki Kiz“. We will present you everything you need to know about this series, from its synopsis to the official channels where you can watch it.

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Plot of The Girl in the Window Series

The story of this Turkish series focuses on Nalan, the heroine of this novel, who is a very warm and charming personality. The girl apparently had a golden childhood, she lived among cotton wool as she was the only daughter of a wealthy family; she went to one of the most prestigious universities in the city of Istanbul and graduated from there with honors.

However, not everything is rosy, as she had a cold and distant relationship with her father, which left a sentimental mark on her heart.

On the other side of the story is Sedat Koroglu, who is a young man with pains from his childhood and past life.

Nalan and Sedat are engaged to be married, and Nalan is hopeful that such a union will lead her to find happiness and be able to leave her sad past behind. However, there are still dark issues from both of their pasts.

Undoubtedly, The Girl in the Window presents a premise that does not stray from what has been seen many times before. However, it is a new series that has not yet finished releasing all of its episodes, so it is worth giving it a vote of confidence.

Season and episodes of the Turkish TV show Chrysalis

This Turkish series, for the moment, has two seasons. The first season premiered in April 2021 and has 9 complete episodes. As for the second season, which will premiere in September 2021, 18 episodes have been aired so far.

Cast of this soap opera

The series is directed by Nadim Güc, and written by Seda Altayli Turgutul. As for the cast, the cast is organized as follows:

  • Burcu Biricik as Nalan İpekoğlu
  • Feyyaz Şerifoğlu as Sedat Koroğlu.
  • Hande Ataizi as Cana Yılmaz
  • Tamer Levent as Rıfat Koroğlu
  • Nur Sürer as Feride İpekoğlu
  • Devrim Yakut as Gülcihan Koroğlu.

Where to watch in English

The Turkish soap opera The Girl in the Window is currently being broadcast on Turkey’s Kanal D. At the moment there are no other international channels that have the rights to this series and it is broadcast in English. However, you can find the complete chapters with English audio or subtitles on various online platforms.

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