Light of hope (Bahari beklerken)

In a market full of Turkish TV series, it is easy to be swayed by general opinions and choose to watch only those soap operas that are widely acclaimed by the public. However, that can cause us to miss out on some very good TV productions.

On this occasion, we will tell you about a Turkish series that initially went under the table. It is A Light of Hope, whose original title is Bahari beklerken. Stay and read everything you need to know about this soap opera.

Cover of the Turkish TV series Light of hope

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Plot of Light of Hope (Bahari beklerken)

The story of this Turkish TV series Light of Hope (Bahari beklerken) revolves around Ómer, who is Ipek’s husband and who is unjustly imprisoned after being wrongly convicted of a robbery he did not commit.

After this unfortunate event, Ipek, who is pregnant, gives birth prematurely and loses the baby after a few days.

Or so Ömer’s family led Ömer to believe, as they have conspired to set Ömer up in order to put him in jail. They then handed over their baby to Kadir to kill him. However, the latter did not have enough courage, so he decided to keep the baby, and ended up marrying Selma, with whom he formed a family.

However, nothing will remain that way, since, after serving his sentence and after spending some time in the United States, Ömer decides to return to Turkey to take revenge on Ipek and his family.

On the other hand, Kadir asks Neslihan for help, who will be forced to take him into his home along with his wife and daughters: Filiz and Bahar, the latter being Ipek’s daughter.

This is how this story that tells us about a mother, a father and a son overcoming obstacles will unfold. Undoubtedly, A Light of Hope is a captivating drama that will not leave you indifferent.

Seasons and episodes of this Turkish soap opera

The series has an astonishing 164 episodes, which were aired in only two seasons. As for the duration of the episodes, they average approximately 60 minutes each.

Cast of this TV series

The soap opera was directed by Ayhan Özdemir and Koralp Gümüş. And the production belongs to Yeşil Yapım & Hacıyatmaz.

As for its cast, it has several stars, including Isabella Damla Güvenilir, known for participating in the series “Elif“.

  • Fatih Ayhan as Ömer.
  • Hande Arısoy as Süheyla
  • Isabella Damla Güvenilir as Bahar.
  • Ayhan Kızılsu as Kadir
  • Esin Civangil as Neslihan
  • Şerif Bozkurt as Halil

Where to this Turkish TV series in English

The soap opera Light of Hope has been aired mainly by the Turkish channel Star TV. It has also been broadcasted in several Spanish speaking channels. In the case of English, the media repercussion has been smaller. To watch this series with audio or subtitles in English, we only have references in some online platforms like the example below.

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