The Game of My Destiny (Kaderimin Oyunu)

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The new Turkish soap opera “Kaderimin Oyunu“, translated into English as “The Game of My Destiny“, starring “Hercai” star Akin Akinözü and produced by NGM Media, has already hit the screens. After months of filming, we can finally enjoy the first season of this complex romantic plot that is generating so much interest among the fans of these productions. If you want to know everything about this long awaited series, continue reading this article.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the series The Game of My Destiny

The story of this telenovela revolves around Asiye, a woman who had a difficult childhood because she was raised by her stepmother and was mistreated by her. For that reason, the girl decided to leave her home when she was 17 years old.

However, life on the street is not easy, Asiye has a hard time at first, but then she meets Cemal and gets together with him. Together they live a love of illusions and dreams, both have two children: Nergit and Umut. However, life is not easy for both of them and economic difficulties spoil their love.

Cemal can no longer stand this life of poverty, and in the midst of his indecision, he meets a wealthy woman who offers him a different kind of life. In this way, Cemal abandons Asiye without listening to the girl’s pleas, who asks him to stay and fight together for a better life for both of them and their children.

Once abandoned, Asiye will have to face adversities together with her children. Fleeing from a confusing criminal situation, the young girl will run into Mahir and the game of destiny will begin.

Seasons and episodes of the soap opera Kaderimi Oyunu

The production of the series began in October 2021, so it is in its first season and so far it is unknown how many episodes the telenovela will have. What is known is that it always depends on the audience share; if the audience does not reach the minimum required, the series will be cancelled, as has happened with many others.

Cast of the series

As we have already advanced you the handsome Turkish actor Akin Akinözü is the protagonist of this teleserye playing the role of Cemal together with the beautiful actress Öykü Karaye as Asiye.

The cast of the telenovela El juego del destino is as follows:

  • Akin Akinözü as Cemal.
  • Öykü Karayel as Asiye
  • Sarp Apak as Mahir
  • Meriç Aral as Helin
  • Iraz Akçam as Nergis
  • Yildirm Özcan as Ugur

Where to watch the telenovela in English

The Game of My Destiny premiered on STAR TV in Turkey at the end of 2021. Turks and Turks can now watch this telenovela in its original language. The international production company Global Agency could soon bring this love story to television in other countries.

Through Star TV’s official website you can watch all the episodes of the soap opera. You can also find all the episodes in English on various online platforms.

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