Furkan Andıç

Turkish actor Furkan Andıç

If you are a true fan of Turkish TV series, you will surely have already seen Furkan Andıç on screen, a celebrated actor recognized for starring in series such as Meryem and in “Everywhere You”.

And this time we bring you a micro biography of Furkan Andıç, we will expose you his life, his career and a couple of curiosities that you will love to read.


Furkan Andıç’s profile

  • Year of birth: 1990
  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Height: 1,90m
  • Debut: 2011 (in “Kolej Günlüğü”)
  • Notable awards: –

Life of Furkan Andıç

Furkan Andıç was born in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. His mother is of Bosnian descent, while his father is originally from the city of Trabzon, Turkey. He is the second of three siblings. His older brother is named Baran, and his younger brother is named Burak. Andıç spent several years of his childhood in Ukraine.

As for his childhood, Andıç once stated that his mother taught him to be free, do what he loves, be responsible and fair. And, boy, did he do what he loves as he has dabbled in several university careers, ultimately graduating from Yeditepe University with a degree in Audiovisual Communication in 2012.

However, before graduating, in 2011 he had already started his work in TV commercials, and already by 2017 he would make his first on-screen appearance. Since 2011 Furkan has participated in numerous series. In 2015 he got the role of Gokan in the series Orphan, where he gave life to that famous low-income character who falls in love with a girl named Cemre.

Once his participation in the series Orphan ended, Furkan continued working in multiple series in his role as a leading man. In this way he obtained leading roles in some of the most important Turkish soap operas. This gallant characteristic is also one of the qualities that have propelled him to fame, after, of course, his acting talent.

Furkan Andıç’s love life

The actor has been related to several Turkish actresses and personalities. Among them is Aybuke Pusat, who was Miss of Turkey. He has also been with Ayca Bingol Turan between 2014 and 2015, and also with Deniz Baysal.

Later, at the beginning of 2018, his fleeting romance with actress and model Dilan Çiçek Deniz was made public, since, in November of the same year, both would confirm their breakup. However, days later the actor was captured with Ozge Ozacar, so it was thought that she would be the cause of the conflict in the previous relationship.

Furkan Andıç Curiosities

Furkan Andıç has almost three million followers on Instagram. He likes sports, especially boxing, basketball and volleyball. However, outside of sports, his favorite hobby is collecting classic cars.

He enjoys traveling, and also pets, with a cat being his favorite animal. In fact, he has one with which he poses in some photos he posts on his Instagram, social network where he also uploads images of part of what he lives in the filming of the series in which he participates.

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