Elçin Sangu

Turkish actress Elçin Sangu

What would film and television be without its actors and actresses? They are the soul of entertainment. And when it comes to Turkish television, they are no exception. Turkish celebrities are of the highest caliber, and for a decade now they have been performing spectacularly on screen.

This time we will tell you about Turkish actress Elçin Sangu, known mainly for starring in the soap opera “I rent you my love”. Here we will tell you about the life of this celebrity, along with some interesting facts that you will enjoy reading.


Turkish actress profile

  • Date of birth: 1985
  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Height: 1,69m
  • Residence: Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Debut: 2011 (in “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki”)
  • Notable awards: –

Elçin Sangu’s series

  • Love for rent, starring Defne.
  • Good Day, Bad Day (İyi Günde Kötü Günde), starring Leyla.
  • Çarpışma, starring Zeynep
  • A Love Story (Bir Aşk Hikayesi), starring Eda
  • Love at War (Kurt Seyit ve Şura), starring as Güzide
  • The Strength of Love (Sevdam Alabora), starring Zeynep

Biography of Elçin Sangu

Elçin Sangu was born on August 13, 1985 in the city of Izmir, She is the only daughter of a Circassian family. Elçin graduated from the opera department of the University of Mersin, and at the Sahne Tozu school she took acting classes.

Her debut as an actress would come in 2011, when she is selected to play the character Jale in the series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki. In that series she also had to sing and play the piano, which allowed her to showcase her incredible musical talent.

Between the years 2012-2013 he played the role of Nehir in the series Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer. And between 2013-2014 she played Eda Çağlar in the Bir Aşk Hikayesi series, which is an adaptation of the Korean series “I’m Sorry, I Love You”.

That same year 2014, he appeared on screen again, this time playing Güzide in the drama series Kurt Seyit ve Şura, the filming of which took place in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Now, Elçin would not have a break, as in 2015 he would return to the screen with the series Sevdam Alabora, where he gave life to the character Zeynep.

That same year Elçin Sangu would star in the series that would definitively catapult her to fame. We are talking about “Love for rent”, also known as Kiralık Aşk, where she shared screen with Barış Arduç, and whose work made her win the affection of millions of fans.

She would later participate in three other series and a film (Mutluluk Zamanı), the latter being the only film in which she has acted.

Sentimental life of Elçin Sangu

Elçin Sangu is is is a relationship since 2013 with the manager of a retail company named Yunus Özdiken, he is also a political science graduate. The actress even stated that she admires Yunus’ intelligence, highlighting, in addition, his sense of humor.

Curiosities about Elçin Sangu

It is said that Elçin was receiving annoying messages from fans on Instagram (Where she has more than 7 million followers), so she, in order to discourage them, began to show pictures of her boyfriend Yunus, whom until then she had a little hidden.

On the other hand, a couple of years ago, the media started showing pictures of where Yunus was standing next to a woman with a somewhat strange confidence. However, soon Elçin would clarify that the girl is the assistant of both of them.

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