Bade İşçil

Turkish actress Bade İşçil

You probably already watched the series Ezel, Kuzey Güney, or Stiletto Vendetta, and, apart from enjoying the extraordinary stories and their prodigious performances, you could particularly also witness the incredible acting talent of Bade İşçil.

And since we know that you surely loved this actress, we set out to bring you first hand a micro biography of Bade İşçil, where we will tell you part of her life, artistic career, and of course, we will also tell you some curiosities.

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Actress profile

  • Date of birth: 1983
  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Height: 1.73m
  • Debut: 2007 (in “Metropol Cafe”)
  • Notable awards: Galatasaray University: Best Actress

Life of Bade İşçil
Bade İşşçil was born on August 8, 1983 in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from the Fashion and Design Department of Yeditepe University. His start in acting came in 2007, when he got the role of playing the character “Şebnem” in the series Metropol Café.

But her first big role would come in 2009, when she was selected to give life to the character Şebnem Sertuna in the famous and already mythical soap Ezel, which is so far, one of the biggest hits of Turkish television. Moreover, Ezel is also her favorite soap opera, according to the actress’ own words, Ezel enlightened her in acting.

In 2011, the same year Ezel concluded, Bade would take on another supporting role, this time in the series Kuzey Güney, another of Turkish television’s biggest hits. There he would play the character Banu Sinaner.

The Kuzey series ended in 2013. And it took four years for Bade İşçil to appear on screen again. This, as Bade herself could state, was because in that year she got married, and then gave birth to her son. She did not accept any role until her son started going to school, as he, is the most important person in her life.

In 2017 she would come back from retirement, and she would not come back in any way, as she took a leading role in a series for the first time. Said series was “Ufak Tefek Cinayetler”, which narrates an interesting detective drama. This work would be, until now, his last series.

Bade İşçil’s private life

Although Bade got married in 2013, her marriage did not last long, and soon after she ended up getting divorced. She is currently on her own. And when asked if she would remarry, she replied, I don’t have a boyfriend now, but if I felt I could grow old by his side, yes I would. Life without love is like a meal without salt and pepper.

On the other hand, she stated that what she asks the most from a man is honesty and conscience.

Bade İşçil Curiosities

Bade İşçil stated in an interview that his hobbies are related to art, but he also likes cooking and sports.

On the other hand, the actress has confessed that she would like to buy a house in Spain, specifically in Barcelona.

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