The promise (Yemin)

Cover of the Tursih series The Promise

The Turkish series phenomenon has been a boom. More and more series are being produced every day and most of these soap operas are achieving great success in the market. And if there is a genre that is present in most of the Turkish soap operas, this is the romantic-drama.

And this time we present you another Turkish drama-romantic series called The Promise and in its original language as Yemin. Here we will show you everything you should know about this TV drama.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the Turkish TV series The Promises (Yemin)

The story of this Turkish series centers on Reyhan, an orphaned, young, beautiful and modest woman, who was born in the countryside and has grown up in humble conditions.

On the other side of the story is Emir, a man in his 30s, spoiled, irresponsible, who loves his freedom too much and who also takes pleasure in the way he lives.

One day Hikmet Tarhun, Emir’s father, and one of the wealthiest men in the country, thinks that his son should marry in order for him to mature and progress. And he thinks that the best choice is his niece Reyhan.

However, the girl does not want to marry a stranger, and at the same time, Emir does not want to get married either, since being a man who loves his freedom, he thinks that marriage entails being “less free”. But being forced by his father, Emir agrees to marry, however, he vowed to treat Reyhan badly, so that she will divorce him and he can be single again.

In this way, Reyhan begins to be strongly mistreated by Emir, and not only by him, but also by Cavidan, his mother, who always opposed the marriage and who despises Reyhan.

But against all odds, Reyhan and Emir fall in love. However, they will not have it easy, as Cavidan will use all kinds of tricks to make the marriage dissolve, she will be willing to do anything, even kill.

Seasons and episodes of the soap opera The Promise

Contrary to what it may appear, The Turkish series Yemin has three seasons and a total of 350 episodes, a huge amount given the seasons aired.

The series was launched in February 2019 and is still airing.

Each episode ranges in length from 60 to 100 minutes.

The episodes are distributed as follows:

  • Season 1: 70 episodes
  • Season 2: 175 episodes
  • Season 3: 105 episodes

Cast. Actors and characters of this telenovela

The series was directed by Hakan Arslan and Reyhan Pekar, and written by.
Nazmiye Yılmaz.

  • Özge Yağız as Reyhan Tarhun.
  • Gökberk Demirci as Emir Tarhun
  • Can Verel plays as Tarhun
  • Yağmur Şahbazova as Yağmur Şahbazova
  • Cansu Tuman as Feride
  • Gül Arcan as Cavidan Tarhun

Where to watch the series online in English

You can watch the soap opera The promises (Yenim) on Kanal 7, the channel where all the episodes of the soap opera have been broadcasted. The complete episodes of this series can also be found subtitled in English on various online platforms.

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