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Senkron belongs to the new generation of Turkish series, which move away a bit from the standards of conventional soap operas, presenting more concise stories that do not digress in filler chapters.

This time we’ll tell you about a hitherto unknown science fiction mini-series: Senkron (Synchronous). Here we’ll tell you what it’s about, its cast and where you can watch it in English.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Senkron Series Plot

Is there another life after death? Can we travel through time? Is our reality really the only reality? Is it possible to live several lives in parallel? Do love, friendship and dreams end when death comes? These are all questions that this series attempts to answer.

The plot of Senkron revolves around Sedat and Mina, who find themselves face to face in three completely different stories at the same time, thus being dragged into a life they would never have chosen if they could have had the opportunity to make a choice.

In this way, the series takes us on a science fiction adventure in which it manages to make the viewer question some of the main questions we have been asking ourselves for centuries: universes, parallels, other lives, time travel, love, and death… All this is presented by Senkron in a spectacular way.

Thus, Senkron has nothing to do with conventional Turkish soap operas. This series stands and emerges as an innovative product, as a breath of fresh air to the Turkish television industry.

Senkron, seasons and episodes

The series has one season and only 6 episodes. It is not known if more episodes will be produced, since, after all, the series was presented as a miniseries. That is why it is considered as the “new generation of Turkish series”, which usually have between 6 and 10 episodes with an approximate duration of 60 minutes per episode.


Perhaps one of the most outstanding figures of the Senkron cast is Özcan Deniz, actor and singer, known for his participation, among other series, in the soap opera Endless Love (Kara Sevda) and who gives life to the character of Sedat in this telenovela.

The rest of the cast is organized as follows:

  • Feyza Aktan as Mina.
  • Kuzey Deniz as Kuzey
  • Oguzhan Semerci
  • Cansel Elcin
  • Zeynep Tugçe Bayat
  • Baris Kasap

Where to watch online this drama in English

The series is a production of Gain, the Streaming platform, which has previously produced other minor series. Now, as far as the broadcasting of the series is concerned, Inter Medya is the media that acquired the rights to transmit it.

So far, no other channels are known to broadcast the series in Spanish. The series is relatively new. It premiered in 2021, so if it achieves more repercussion, other media may be interested in adding it to their television schedule.

However, you can also find the complete chapters in English on various online platforms such as the one shown below.

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