Poison Ivy (Gecenin Ucunda)

Cover of the TV Show Poison Ivy (Gecenin Ucunda)

The TV Show Poison Ivy, also known as Gecenin Ucunda, is one of the latest Turkish productions. It is an adaptation of the eponymous literary novel published in 1963.

If you want to know what this series is about, which are the actors who participate in it, how many seasons and chapters it has and where you can watch it, then we invite you to stay and read because here we will tell you everything you need to know.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the Turkish series Poison Ivy

The story of the novel at hand revolves around Macide, an executive who studied psychology who, despite not being able to be happy, tries to help others. She falls in love with Kazim, who is a successful businessman, but, not only that, because Kazim is also a dark man.

As soon as she meets him, Macide falls madly in love with him, however, theirs will be an unrequited love, since Kazim is not a single man, but rather a married man.

Thus, Macide begins a journey to find herself, to test the love she feels for Kazim.

However, destiny will soon unite their paths, but nothing will be simple. Will Kazim be able to protect Macide from the darkness of the life that surrounds him? Will Macide be able to keep out of everything her beloved does? Will she be able to keep the purity, innocence and sensitivity she had when she met Kazim?

This telenovela is a complex love story. It is the story of a rich man who has everything he wants, but perhaps everything he has is too much. It is the story of how the love between two souls tries to survive the difficulties.

Seasons and episodes

The soap opera Gecenin Ucunda has just premiered, so it is still on air. So far, 15 episodes have been released.

As always, the number of episodes will depend on the ratings of the series. If the minimum required audience is not reached, the soap may be cancelled, as has already happened with many Turkish series. We hope that it will have a good rating, as the soap opera has a lot of promise.


The director of the series was Barış Erçetin. Meanwhile, the top cast is made up as follows:

  • Neslihan Atagül as Macide.
  • Kadir Doğulu as Kazım
  • Zuhal Olcay as Berrin
  • Sarp Levendoğlu as Ahmet
  • Tuba Ünsal as Nermin
  • Bertan Asllani as Cihangir

Where to watch episodes of Poison Ivy in English

The official broadcast channel for the series Poison Ivy is Star TV. However, you can also watch the series online on the various websites and platforms available on the internet. Take a look at the following link:

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