The Oguz 9 (Dokuz Oğuz)

Cover of the Turkish Series The Oguz 9

There are few series in the action genre, but the few that have been released are really good, and one such series is The Oguz Nine, also known as Dokuz Oğuz in its original language.

The Nine Oguz has all the ingredients of a top-notch military action series. Stick around to read everything you need to know about this Turkish series, because we’ll dispense all the information you need here.

WATCH ALL FULL EPISODES: If you want to see all the complete episodes in English, we explain it at the end of the article.

Plot of the Turkish series The Nine Oğuz (Dokuz Oğuz)

The story of the soap opera revolves around the Oguz Team, a group of military men who will fight for the Turks around the world.

Colonel Tomris Toprak works meticulously to establish the “Turkish World Team”, also forming the Oguz Team, which is a special forces group composed of the most distinguished and qualified soldiers of the armed forces.

The objective of this military group is none other than to protect every Turk on the planet, regardless of where they are. Team Oguz will fight and fight for the lives and rights of all Turks who are persecuted in the world.

This is how Captain Batur Dark, together with the members who were selected for the team at his request: soldiers Okan Demirkır, Yaşar Kayatürk; lieutenant Yiğit Toygar; and non-commissioned officers Umay Colpan, Ercan Korkut, Boran Delideniz and Timur Gökay; take an oath taking for granted that, from now on, no Turk will be alone.

This is how the thrilling plot of a novel that will not leave you indifferent and that you should watch if you are a fan of action series unfolds.

Seasons and episodes

The series The Oguz nine premiered this 2023, is in its first season and is currently on air. So far, the TV show has released 20 episodes. For its part, each episodes has an approximate duration of 115 minutes. It is not known exactly how many episodes the telenovela will have.


The soap opera Douz Oguz was directed by Cem Akyoldaş, whereas, the top cast is made up as follows:

  • Kubilay Aka as Batur
  • Yasemin Kay Allen as Tomris
  • Dağhan Külegeç as Ercan
  • Rami Narin as Yiğit Toygar
  • Sahra Şaş as Umay Çolpan
  • Serhan Onat as Boran

Where to watch the series in English

Like most Turkish soap operas, The Nine of Oguz is distributed by FOX. Therefore, it is through this channel’s screen that you will be able to watch all episodes of the soap opera.

If the series is successful in terms of audience, other channels may decide to acquire the rights to broadcast the soap opera themselves, but, so far, the only official medium is FOX.

Now, in case you don’t have access to FOX Turkey, you can try to watch the Dokuz Oguz series online. Here is an alternative in English language:

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