Cover of the Turkish TV series The fugitive (Kaçak)

The Fugitive (Kaçak)

Currently, the Turkish television market is so full of novels that it is very difficult to know all the series that have been released. Many times telenovelas go unnoticed, even though they are very good, they did not have the repercussion that other Turkish series enjoyed.

This time we come to talk about the Turkish drama The Fugitive, a production released in 2013 that unfortunately went unnoticed by the general public. Likewise, we want to take this opportunity to tell you everything you should know about this TV series.

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Cover of the Turkish TV series The fugitive (Kaçak)

Plot of the Turkish series The Fugitive (Kaçak)

The story of the soap opera The Fugitive (Kaçak) centers on the vicissitudes of Serhat Hakeri, an ex-cop who kills none other than the son İsmet Ali Topçuoğlude, a renowned mafia boss. For such a reason, Serhat’s life is in danger.

That is why the ex-cop makes the decision to leave his place of residence to live in a remote Anatolian village where he will be known with a different identity.

In the quiet village, he manages to enjoy the peace that had been taken away from him in his hometown. There he lives with his family and runs his own coffee shop. However, on the day he least expects it, his life changes completely. This happens when he becomes the local hero when he confronts some dangerous criminals.

The news of what happened is all over the national media. Thus, the mafia gets information about Serhat’s whereabouts. So they manage to reach the town, and once they have located the family, they kill Ömer, Serhat’s son.

This tragedy destroys Serhat, who will not stand idly by. The ex-cop, hurt and full of hatred, begin step by step to prepare his revenge.

Thus unfolds an intense drama full of action and tension that will not let you take your eyes off the screen.

Seasons and episodes of the telenovela

The series has 52 episodes broadcast in two seasons. These seasons aired from September 24, 2013, to February 3, 2015. Each episode has a duration of 100 minutes.

The episodes are distributed as follows:

  • Season 1: 34 full episodes
  • Season 2: 18 full episodes

The cast of the soap opera The Fugitive (Kaçak)

The soap opera was directed by Zülküf Yücel, and the script was written by Ahmet Volkan, Kocatürk and Serkan Birinci.

As for the cast, it was organized as follows:

  • Serhat Hakeri as Gürkan Uygun.
  • Mustafa Avkıran as İsmet Ali Topçuoğlu.
  • Berk Hakman as Ertan Demir
  • Haluk Bilginer as Faysal Mengen
  • Begüm Birgören as Merve Topçuoğlu
  • Özlem Yılmaz as Nurgül Hakeri

Where to watch the TV series in English

The official broadcasting media of the series is the Turkish channel ATV. But also other channels have acquired the rights of the soap opera, as is the case of the US channel Azteca America, which broadcasted this soap opera in Spanish. You can also find the complete chapters in English on various online platforms.

Here is an example:

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